ABH Demolition Services Professionals


At ABH Services, Inc. we have been in business for twenty years. That means we have an enormous amount of experience. Our company is OSHA certified and fully insured for your protection.

ABH Demolition Services Has You Covered
There are rare events during demolition when a worker is injured on the job or unintended property damage occurs. Rare as they are, the possibility exists so you need to be protected against loss. Our liability insurance protects you and our OSHA certification tells you our workers follow required safety measures. If one of them falls on his head and crashes through your roof, our company insurance will repair your roof and pay for the worker’s medical bills.

ABH has the equipment necessary to safely carry out any kind of demolition project. That includes whole buildings, or just a kitchen or bath. We can remove patios, sidewalks and swimming pools. ABH has the trained manpower to carry out the job safely. All demolition debris is removed from the premises and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Some demolition companies are not as conscientious about keeping useful materials out of our landfills. At ABH we think responsible business practices is important for everyone.

Do It Yourself Demolition-What Could Go Wrong?
Demolition is hard work and can be dangerous. You are not going to save any money chopping out the concrete patio if you injure your back, maybe permanently. Do you have a grapple truck with a boom, a jackhammer or backhoe? You need the right equipment to do a job safely and correctly. Where will you dispose of the demolition debris? There is a lot of material to dispose of after a demolition. Fortunately, a large part of it is recyclable. ABH demolition has the resources to remove and dispose of demo debris and recycle as much as possible.

Demolition is hard, dangerous and messy. When the project is indoors it can also be very dusty. It is important to us that our employees at ABH Services wear protective gear to safeguard their health. However, we also want to safeguard our customer’s health and contain the dust and debris so the rest of the house stays clean as possible. We prepare the demo area by sealing it off from other areas of the house or offices. Of course, demolition of kitchens and bathrooms involves securing gas, electric and water. Sometimes it means removing pipes and gas lines so they can be relocated during reconstruction. We protect you against any accidents due to leaks.

ABH Demolition Services Professionals
Some jobs are best left to the professionals and demolition is one of them. At ABH our rates are reasonable and competitive. The price is for the whole job; prep, demo, clean up and disposal. Since we have the experience and equipment, the project will proceed quickly. Our company is well known in the area and we are always happy to provide references.

Call ABH Services at 781-941-2422 for a free quote on your demolition project. Or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/abhservices

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