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ABH Recycling Services can help if you are tired of keeping track of your community’s electronic recycling day. Maybe your location has been designated as a drop off spot and the electronics are building up bigger and faster each month. Maybe what you want is to load up your electronics and drop them off when it is convenient for you. Most households could easily make one or two trips a year with unused and broken electronics. Phones, tablets, game systems, printers, routers and the list goes on. We also offer destruction of hard drives. Homeowners and businesses may drop their products with us anytime we are open.

ABH Recycling Service Treats Electronic Waste Responsibly
E-Waste contains harmful components like cadmium, beryllium and lead. These products are toxic to those exposed during recycling activity and ABH has all the precautions in place. Such materials threaten our environment if tossed into landfills by leaking into our air and groundwater. In the United States alone, we dispose of about 3 million tons of e-waste each year. China is a close second.

About 70% of heavy metals in landfill in the United States comes from electronics. Cell phones make up most e-waste. The reason is built -in obsolescence. The manufacturers do not make cell phones to last more than two years. For many of us who do not want to replace our electronic devices, phones, laptops, e-readers etc. because of the chance of loss transferring information, built-in obsolescence is a frustrating. What can you do?

  • Complain to the manufacturer
  • Take care of your electronics so they last longer
  • Donate working electronics as you replace them.
  • Never throw electronics away.
  • Bring your unused electronics to ABH for recycling.

All electrical products have hazardous materials but many of them are also scarce which makes them valuable. There could be as many as 60 elements in some electronics. ABH Recycling knows how to safely extract the useful and dispose of the rest. If it has an electrical plug, bring it to us.

ABH Recycling Wants Your Metal, Cardboard and Paper
We at ABH Recycling Services welcome your box of scrap metal, stack of cardboard and old paper. Did you know there is a process for making new cardboard from old cardboard that is cheaper than starting from scratch? The same is true for paper products. A ton of recycled paper saves 2 tons of wood.

Look for paper that is made from recycled materials. You want to buy from manufacturers that practice reforestation so they have a steady supply of new wood which preserves our old growth. Such products are well marked. Still, using less and recycling more is a large part of the solution to overburdened landfills.

Metals do not belong in a landfill, ever. They are a natural resource and there is a good market for recycled metals. It is less expensive to make metal products from recycled material than to create from newly mined. Look around the premises and toss those old brake shoes, rusted plumbers wrenches and old bicycles frames in your trunk and bring them to us at ABH Recycling.

Recycling takes only a little effort compared to the huge payoff received.

Call ABH Recycling at 781-941-2422 or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/abhservices

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