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A Dumpster Makes it Easy to Transform Your Nursery Into a Toddler Room

Transitioning your child’s nursery into a room fit for a toddler is a fun milestone.  It may be emotional to pack up the baby’s items, but your child is growing.  A new space will aid in development and give your child a sense of independence while building his or her confidence. Redesigning the space can [...]

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5 Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher in Prime Condition

Thank goodness for dishwashers!  Unless your residence doesn’t come equipped with a dishwasher, or if yours is broken, you may not think twice about this appliance.  Sometimes, we take for granted the modern amenities that were designed to make our lives easier.  Washing dishes by hand can be a therapeutic, calming task.  It is a [...]

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Help! My Toilet is Leaking

When your toilet has a problem, it helps to be able to diagnose the issue when trying to repair it or before you call a plumber.  It could be that the flapper in the toilet’s tank doesn’t close all of the way making it sound like it is always running.  The same noise could be [...]

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Recycle Service: 5 Ways to Reuse Old Tires

Winter driving conditions, for those of us in the Northeast, should be handled with care and awareness.  Windshields not properly scraped off, car roofs piled high with snow, and careless drivers on snowy and ice covered roads are just a few of the problems that can cause a motorist to have an accident.  Additionally, poor [...]

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Disposal and Clean up Service: 8 Tips for an Organized Garage This Winter

This time of year, cleaning out your garage isn’t a lot of fun.  Blustery, winter winds blow things around and cold temperatures make it a not-so-pleasant chore.  So what can you do to keep your garage organized throughout the winter rather than waiting for spring? Start with the general rule that nothing will be stored [...]

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Make Valentine’s Day Sweet With a Clean Home

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and wishing good tidings to our family and neighbors.  So what can you do to make Valentine’s Day a sweet surprise?  Why not surprise your sweetheart this year with a clean and [...]

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Demolition Service: Weekend Project – How to Build a Carport

Most homes these days have attached garages that protect our cars and belongings.  However, there are still a number of properties that lack a garage or homeowners that have so much stuff cluttering up their garage that their car sits out in the elements depreciating over time.  A carport can be an easy fix.  It [...]

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Recycling Service: What to do With Your Old Boat?

Winter is officially here which means our carefree days of summer are just a memory.  On the other hand, we are at the halfway point to the upcoming summer where we can, once again, enjoy the fun, warmth, and water.  The winter is the start of boat season, believe it or not, so now is [...]

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Disposal and Cleanout Service for Hosting Houseguests This Year

This holiday season, if you expect to have houseguests, you know all too well how having a clean space for your guests enhances their visit and gives you peace of mind.  Your guest room can easily become a dumping zone for items that don’t have a home, belongings that need to be repaired, and any [...]

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