What You Should Know After You Sustain Fire Damage

Have you recently experienced a house or business fire? They cost billions of dollars for millions of homes annually. In 2016, more than 1,345,500 homes suffered fire damage which cost more than $14.3 billion to restore. It also led to more than 3,280 deaths in the United States alone. The average cost of a fire [...]

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Water Damage Restoration

Floods in the United States are common occurrences. According to 2017 data from NOAA, the U.S. experienced eight storms, three tropical cyclones, and two floods that caused more than $13 billion in damage. It was also a record year for flooding. Just in the months of April and May, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri reported record [...]

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5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Demolition Company

Whether you intend to tear down a multi-level apartment complex or a dated home, hiring a competent and qualified demolition company is a critical decision to make. While demolition is a dangerous job that requires specialized equipment, there is critical information that every home or business owner should obtain to ensure a proper and professional [...]

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5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Dumpster Rentals

Are the smaller trashcans no longer serving your needs as your business grows? How often have you stood at a worksite wishing you would have rented a dumpster as your trash pile grows? Whether you are a builder, manufacturer, or merely want to renovate your home, a dumpster rental will solve many of your residential [...]

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7 Good Reasons to Declutter And Dispose Of Junk

Are you tired of seeing junk everywhere? Do you have boxes stacked to the ceiling in your basement? Decluttering will affect both your health and well-being as it relieves stress while also reducing your workload. Here are seven good reasons to declutter and dispose of junk. 1. Clears Out Space Decluttering is essential if you [...]

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How Our Recycling Services Help the Environment

Did you know that Americans use two and a half million plastic bottles an hour? Did you know that most of the plastic we use ends up in landfills which takes decades to deteriorate? ABH Services, Inc. knows the value of recycling which is why we offer these services to the Greater Boston and North [...]

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Best Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle in Summer

Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning, but summer is also a great time to both clean and perform home maintenance work. Most of these jobs can be tackled during a chunk of spare time on your weekends. By performing these home maintenance tasks yearly, you can prevent costly repairs and keep your home in its best [...]

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Renovation and Construction Debris Disposal Solutions

A while ago, we discussed what to do with debris from an accident affecting your home in this article. Today, we’ll talk about the disposal options you have for the debris that is left over from renovation and construction. You can be left with a significant amount of trash after a demolition, construction, or remodeling job, [...]

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Should You DIY Your Kitchen Demolition or Hire a Professional?

When most people hear the term “demolition,” they picture a wrecking ball tearing through a big building. However, demolition also refers to the process of tearing down an old installation to make way for a new one. This includes during home renovations, such as your kitchen or bathroom. Today we’re focusing specifically on kitchen demolition, [...]

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Have a Yard Sale to Clean Out Your Junk

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the old saying goes. A perfect representation of this is a yard or garage sale. Early summer is the perfect time to host a garage sale. This article aims to give you tips on how to have a garage sale to clean out your unwanted possessions. Even [...]

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