Items You Should Never Place in a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster can be of great assistance if you’re cleaning out a storage space or undergoing a remodeling project. You might assume that you can toss just about anything in a dumpster. However, there are rules and limits regarding specific items because some things present a hazard to the dumpster or the environment. So [...]

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Steps Involved in a Kitchen Demolition

Every kitchen renovation process, whether it be replacing the flooring or changing the entire kitchen, involves demolition first. While it may sound intimidating, demolition boils down to removing the existing elements of the kitchen so you can replace them. Maybe the idea of taking a hammer and slamming through your cupboards and walls seems exciting [...]

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End-of-Season Decluttering: Areas to Clean Out

Emptying your home of unnecessary items and junk is the perfect preparation for a thorough spring cleaning. You don’t want to waste your valuable time cleaning and taking care of items that you don’t need and will eventually just pass on or get rid of anyway. Be proactive by confronting the challenge head-on and taking [...]

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Recycle Services: A Guide to Getting Rid of Outdated Electronics

Everyone wants to have the latest technological gadgets, but with technology moving at such a fast pace, what do you do with all of the outdated tech you have? Many people have more outdated electronics sitting around their homes than they realize, in boxes taking up valuable storage space or even still in your media [...]

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Demolition Service: How to Safely Prepare for Your Home Demolition

Demolition is the first step of preparation for most home renovations. In order to put in that new carpet or kitchen cupboards, the old installations have to come out. The demolition process for areas of your home can be a messy, inconvenient, and sometimes even hazardous process, but an experienced demolition team can complete the [...]

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Keeping Moisture Out of Your Basement in Winter

You may not think much about your basement during the winter, but unfortunately the space can suffer from excess moisture that goes unchecked during these cold months. People tend to spend less time in their basements during the winter due to the fact that they’re usually the coldest spot in the house, allowing moisture to [...]

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How to Reduce Unwanted Possessions During Your Move

Unnecessary and unwanted items can affect your life in more ways than you realize. Taking care of these items wastes valuable time, and they occupy space in your home that could be repurposed for better use. All that clutter can even increase your stress level. Moving is an excellent time to reduce the amount of [...]

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