Recycling Services: We’ll Take Your Junk!

Have your spring cleaning ideas and summer garage sale thoughts flittered away from you this year?  It happens to the best of us.  We start with good intentions and quickly find our to-do lists getting away from us as impromptu pool parties and trips to the beach creep into our well-thought-out plans.  We all have [...]

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Dumpster Rental: How to Recover From a Flooded Basement

When your basement floods with water, it is hard to know where to start the cleanup process.  Do you get rid of the water first, or find the source of the leak?  Do you just start throwing things away, or do you try to salvage what you can?  Who do you even call? Often, a [...]

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Disposal and Cleanout Services: What to Do With Construction Debris

Imagine sitting in your office, waiting on a customer or patient, and out of nowhere, a big bang rumbles through your building.  The walls shake, belongings scatter and then the crunching sound of metal and shattered glass can be heard.  It isn’t an earthquake, but a truck that has lost control and careened through your [...]

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Recycling: Top 5 Reasons to Recycle Scrap Metal

Have you ever wondered if you should recycle your scrap metal for money?  Scrap metal recycling is a huge industry due to the high demand for the reusable material.  But what does that say about your old washing machine or water heater?  Is it worth the hassle to scrap the parts?  The answer lies within [...]

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Demolition Service: Does Your Home Have Mold?

Not a single homeowner ever wants to deal with mold.  It can be difficult to clean up, get rid of, and prevent from causing health issues from affecting your family.   Additionally, if handled incorrectly, you can risk spreading more mold spores throughout your home which will allow more mold to grow. At ABH Services, we [...]

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Wishing you a Happy 4th of July! Happy Boating!

We’d like to take a moment to wish you and your family a very happy 4th of July!  From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy whatever you have planned, whether it’s a party at the beach or a quiet evening with friends.  Independence Day is celebrated across the nation in a variety of [...]

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Demolition Service: How to Improve Your Laundry Room

If you have an older home, you may have a laundry room that is in serious need of some TLC.  Clean laundry is a necessity of life, but often a tedious chore.  Depending on the amount of people living in your home, you could find that you are spending the majority of your time doing [...]

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Dumpster Rental: What to Expect When Your Basement Floods

When water floods your basement, the cleanup process can be intimidating; partly, because it isn’t an everyday occurrence. It can be overwhelming to have your world disrupted by the unexpected.  The good news is, a number of companies exist for just this sort of thing.  Water Damage Restoration companies have the experience and equipment to [...]

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Recycle Services: What can you Recycle?

Occasionally it’s helpful to have a gentle reminder as to what you can recycle and what needs to go in the everyday trash.  For the most part, recycling services are similar across the country.  For the best results, check with your neighborhood waste management provider to determine exactly what is acceptable for your home recycling [...]

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Dumpster Rental: Tips and Tricks when Moving

Any move, big or small, can accumulate a lot of trash.  There are boxes, old clothes, mismatched socks, broken toys, and much, much more.  The trick to keeping sane when you move is to have a plan.  Everyone is full of suggestions and ideas when you are moving, but how many of those people are [...]

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