Dumpster Rental: What to Toss After a Sewage Spill

After a sewage spill, it is important to understand what can be salvaged and what needs to go.  Sewage contains bacteria that are harmful to your health and the water damage associated with a sewage disaster causes mold and mildew problems.  If you’ve experienced raw sewage in your home, the best way to protect you [...]

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Disposal and Cleanout Services: Tips When Downsizing Your Home

Springtime often means spring cleaning to many people.  It is a time to organize your home and clear out unused items.  In most cases, it will take a day or two to go through the home and sift out items that are cluttering up your home. But what do you do if you are downsizing?  [...]

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The Best Flooring For Your Kitchen

If you are about to start on a kitchen remodel or if you are building a new home, your flooring selections can sometimes be overwhelming.  Hardwood floors, may be the most common choice and for good reason.  They are durable, require little maintenance, and look fantastic.  The problem, however, is that sometimes hardwood floors are [...]

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How to Re-grout your Shower

Are you tired of your bathroom?  Is it showing its age and in desperate need of a remodel?  Today we’re going to look at some simple ways you can rejuvenate your bathroom while protecting it from moisture damage. The first step is to clear everything out of the room.  It is much easier to start [...]

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Recycle Service: How to Turn a Wooden Pallet into a Beautiful Garden

If your green thumb is getting itchy for a bit of Spring planting action, consider a do-it-yourself vertical planter.   Vertical gardens are great for small backyards, balconies, or areas of the country where the soil is not ideal for planting.  They also are beautiful addition to any landscape as it builds height and perspective.  These [...]

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Dumpster Service: The Big Spring Clean Out

Spring is finally here!  We’ve huddled up and bundled up to keep warm for the last few months and are now ready to enjoy the warmer temperatures and crisp, clean outdoors.  For many of us, spring is the perfect time for cleaning and organizing our home.   It allows us the chance to refresh our living [...]

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Demolition Services: Is Your Skylight Leaking?

With spring rains on the way, those of you with a leaky roof should be taking steps to remedy the problems so you can prevent water damage and other costly repairs.  Many times, a roof leaks around vents, pipes, chimneys, and other intersecting components.  Usually, this is a simple repair to the flashing which may [...]

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The Top 5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Working Water Softener

Does your home have a water softener?  If yes, make sure you are taking care of it with proper maintenance.  If you don’t have one, or if yours is no longer running, consider these benefits and what they would mean for you. First a little background…Your home’s water softener does what the name implies.  It [...]

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A Dumpster Makes it Easy to Transform Your Nursery Into a Toddler Room

Transitioning your child’s nursery into a room fit for a toddler is a fun milestone.  It may be emotional to pack up the baby’s items, but your child is growing.  A new space will aid in development and give your child a sense of independence while building his or her confidence. Redesigning the space can [...]

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