Demolition Service: Does Your Home Have Mold?

Not a single homeowner ever wants to deal with mold.  It can be difficult to clean up, get rid of, and prevent from causing health issues from affecting your family.   Additionally, if handled incorrectly, you can risk spreading more mold spores throughout your home which will allow more mold to grow.

At ABH Services, we know the headaches associated with mold.  In some cases, demolishing the affected area is helpful so you can simply rip out the bad and the ugly, and replace with the good. Our Demolition Service team is trained in the safe-handling of your property to properly demolish and remove the affected area.  If you have mold, you’ll likely need a mold remediation company to clean up and sanitize the area.  On the other hand, if the mold has gotten out of control and is beyond the stage where you can salvage the area, consider a demolition team that can strip the area down to the studs so you can start over.

Take, for instance, your bathroom.  If your bathroom is poorly ventilated, mold can quickly grow because of the high humidity levels typically found in that room.  Maybe your shower grout is disintegrating and allowing water to seep between the walls.  This, too, can be a breeding ground for mold.  In a bathroom, mold likes to find hidden corners and cracks to grow unnoticed.  If it goes on for too long, you may find yourself in need of a brand new bathroom. 

A demolition team can do the following:

  • Remove your old shower, grout, and tiles
  • Pull up and dispose of your floor tile
  • Tear out your bathroom cabinets
  • Remove drywall
  • Mitigate plumbing and water lines
  • …and much more

Demolition can include remodel projects, building tear downs, room excavations, tear outs, and more.  At ABH Services, we have the tools and equipment to properly remove material.  A do-it-yourselfer can handle most of the details of a remodel project, but may just need a hand to demolish and haul away old construction material and items that make up your bathroom.  We can demolish your bathroom so you can focus on installing your new shower, drywall, tile, etc.

Homeowners should not try to handle a large mold issue by themselves.  Instead, you will need to call a professional mold remediation team to save your property.  If your bathroom has mold and you have no interest in salvaging the room, ABH Services can help you start from scratch.  We’ll tear out your old fixtures so you can turn a disaster into a gorgeous remodeling project. 

Call us at 781-941-2422 when you have a project that would benefit from our Demolition Service.  More information is available on our Facebook page at


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