Demolition Service: How to Safely Prepare for Your Home Demolition


Demolition is the first step of preparation for most home renovations. In order to put in that new carpet or kitchen cupboards, the old installations have to come out. The demolition process for areas of your home can be a messy, inconvenient, and sometimes even hazardous process, but an experienced demolition team can complete the job swiftly, with the skill needed to ensure the process is carried out correctly. In addition, the basic steps listed here can also help make certain that your belongings and members of your household will be protected throughout the process.

First, really consider how much the demolition will affect your daily routine and make accommodations. Your ability to utilize that part of your home will be significantly affected. Make alternate plans to carry you not only through the demolition but also the renovation steps of the process. If the demolition involves your kitchen, will you prepare meals elsewhere or utilize take-out for the duration? If it involves your bathroom, alternate arrangements will obviously have to be made and speed will likely be a major factor. These are important things to consider at the beginning of the process.

Take anything that is valuable and move it to another area. Demolition is a dirty process, and you don’t want to risk anything getting unnecessarily damaged or destroyed. Plastic storage tubs and basic packing materials, like bubble wrap, can be used to protect these items until the renovation process is complete. By labeling these tubs, you can easily find anything you need.

Decide whether you will be taking on the demolition project yourself or if you want to hire a demolition company. If the project is relatively straightforward, and you have enough time and manpower for the job, such as a small area of carpet that needs to be removed, you might be able to take the job on yourself. However, for more complex procedures and large areas, it’s best to hire a professional company that has experience and knows the best ways to take everything apart. This is especially true if a whole room needs to be demolished, which can be dangerous. It may be tempting to try and save money by attempting to do it yourself, but that can lead to costly mistakes and errors that could delay or even sabotage your renovation.

Finish the entire demolition before you start any parts of the construction. Separate the two elements of the project so that the process can go more smoothly. Whether you are performing DIY demolition by hand, or are hiring a demolition company like ABH Services Inc. to assist you, you want full dedication to the demolition process to allow for the best foundation for the new build. Otherwise, things can get sloppy, confusing, or hazardous.

If you’re looking for an experienced demolition team to handle the preparation for your renovation, call ABH Services Inc. We have been serving the greater Boston area for over 20 years, and we offer free quotes and consultations over the phone. We will ensure that your demolition goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible so you can move to the next stage of your project. Call us at 781-941-2422 to discuss the full range of our demolition services, and check out our Facebook page for more residential demolition information at

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