Demolition Service: Weekend Project – How to Build a Carport

Most homes these days have attached garages that protect our cars and belongings.  However, there are still a number of properties that lack a garage or homeowners that have so much stuff cluttering up their garage that their car sits out in the elements depreciating over time. 

A carport can be an easy fix.  It can protect your car or give you an additional covered parking space if you happen to have a teenager who has recently taken to the roads.  Building one is fairly simple and it begins with stopping in to your local city planning office to determine your city’s building codes.

Once you have arranged for the necessary permits:

  1. Gather your building materials: Wood or metal posts and covers are the go-to for building carports.  Choose the material that works best for the various seasons we experience in the Northeast.  Pressure-treated lumber makes for the most sturdy carport and is more durable than metal.  Metal, while less expensive, is not as sturdy as wood but it is faster to install.  You will need 6 posts to hold up the structure, 6 beams for your roof, and plywood or sheet metal for the roof.  For the side posts, we recommend 3 posts 9 feet long, and 3 posts 11 feet long.  The longer posts will be installed closest to the building structure to assist in draining water away from the foundation.
  2. Measure the area: An average carport measures 16 feet by 9 feet.  This will fit a sedan but can be extended for longer vehicles; be aware that you will need more materials if building a larger structure.  With tape, paint, or chalk, mark the area.
  3. Prepare the ground: Level the area if the carport will be on grass or dirt.  Remove grass and rake the spot to make it as level as possible.  Consider adding a layer of gravel so you don’t track mud through the home and driveway.  Gravel will also aid in drainage.  Ideally, pour concrete for the longest lasting effect.
  4. Dig post holes: Use a post digger to dig 6 holes (1 at each corner and 1 on either side of the carport…lengthwise).  The holes should be 2 ½ feet deep.
  5. Set the posts: Pour concrete in the holes; start with 6-7 inches of concrete.  Starting with the longer posts put the post in the hole making sure it touches the bottom.  Then, fill with additional concrete until full.  Level off the concrete and adjust the post, as needed, to make sure it is straight.  Repeat with the 5 remaining holes and wait 24 hours for the cement to set.
  6. Install the rafters and roof: Use metal hangers to fasten the posts and beams together with nails.  Once the beams are in place, you can nail plywood over top of the structure or use an aluminum roof.  Though noisy, it allows for easy installment and will complete your project.  If using plywood, you’ll have to shingle the structure.

All that’s left to do is to clean up your area and pull your vehicle into your new carport.  In one weekend, you can have a protective space for your car.  Of course if you already have a carport and would prefer to see it go or wish to replace it, call the professionals at ABH Services.  Our demolition team can remove your old carport while taking care of the debris.  We’ll leave you with a cleaned property ready for whatever project you have in mind.

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