Demolition Services: Is Your Skylight Leaking?

With spring rains on the way, those of you with a leaky roof should be taking steps to remedy the problems so you can prevent water damage and other costly repairs.  Many times, a roof leaks around vents, pipes, chimneys, and other intersecting components.  Usually, this is a simple repair to the flashing which may have been damaged from winter weather or improper installation.

If you have a skylight, you may also experience a leak.  Compromised flashing around a skylight is a common problem.  The result, though, can be devastating.  Water can leak onto your belongings and property causing a messy situation.  A leak of any size from your skylight can damage the roof, your ceiling, your floors, and anything else in the path of the leak.  Rather than having to face throwing out your wet, soggy things, learn to fix this problem in a just a few steps.

It should be noted, that you can hire a roofing professional if this is out of your DIY range.  If you are confident you can safely repair the leak, read on.

Gather a pry bar, bucket for garbage/debris, work gloves, caulk, caulk gun, aluminum flashing, tar paper, shingles, a nail gun, a ladder, and utility knife.

  1. Remove the shingles with a pry bar in a 1-2 foot area around the entire skylight.
  2. Cut away roofing paper or tar paper so you expose the plywood.
  3. Clean away debris and dirt so you have a clean space to work with.
  4. Lay down new tar paper covering the exposed plywood as well as the flange around the skylight.
  5. Fit aluminum flashing around the skylight and caulk…make sure you haven’t left any gaps.
  6. Install your new shingles with your nail gun working from the bottom up.

Repairing your skylight is not a time consuming project, though it is important not to rush through it.  Take your time, and work safe.  Your repair will prevent leaks from damaging your home when April showers hit this year. 

If you experience a major leak around your skylight or any other part of your home, call our crew at ABH Services.  Our Disposal and Cleanout Service will remove the damaged items from your home so you can focus on repairs.  Water damage causes mold to grow, damages sheetrock, ceilings and floors.  Leaks from a skylight can waterlog your belongings as well if the water drips down onto things for a long period of time.  We will walk through the property with you and, together, decide on a demolition plan that is right for you.

We have the tools and experience to remove the damaged material and will do the heavy lifting and removal so you and your family can stay safe from injuries.  We’ll have your room cleaned up quickly so you can begin repairs as quickly as possible.  With your damaged items removed, you will have a blank canvas to refresh and remodel your room any way you want.

If you have damage from water and believe it’s time focus on repairs, call our Disposal and Cleanout Services team at 781-941-2422 or visit our Facebook page at

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