Disposal and Clean up Service: 8 Tips for an Organized Garage This Winter

This time of year, cleaning out your garage isn’t a lot of fun.  Blustery, winter winds blow things around and cold temperatures make it a not-so-pleasant chore.  So what can you do to keep your garage organized throughout the winter rather than waiting for spring?

  1. Start with the general rule that nothing will be stored on the ground.  We live in an area that gets a lot of snow.  This tracks into our garage and leaves puddles and mud that could destroy our belongings. 
  2. Designate a ‘mud area’ for winter boots and gear. Inexpensive car floor mats can be put to use.  Hang hooks for snow pants and a small bin or basket for everyone’s hats and gloves.
  3. Buy a couple pegboards and hooks of various sizes. Make good use of your wall space so your tools and yard equipment is off the ground in a neat and organized manner.
  4. Throw out anything you no longer use. By reducing the amount of clutter in your garage, you’ll open up room for additional storage.
  5. Add shelving and plastic totes for toys and miscellaneous items. A few see-through bins are perfect for your children’s toys.  You can make a simple playground ball storage area with a few pieces of wood and bungee cords.
  6. Pick up some carpet squares or samples. Laying down a few squares of carpet will catch mud and dirt from entering your home and car.  Likewise, it will prevent slips and falls that occur on the slick garage floor.  When the muddy season is over, simply toss out the squares.
  7. Use large hooks to hang bikes from the ceiling. More than likely, you can position these hooks over the front of your vehicle.  It keeps them out of the way until spring and frees up space in your garage.
  8. Storage bins can be hung on a wall for winter use. Birdseed, salt and sand can be placed in the bins so they are readily accessible.

Completing the steps above may seem better suited for a spring or fall project when the weather is more tolerable.   However, the quicker you act, the more organized your garage will be and the less damage you’ll do to items sitting on the ground.  Give ABH Services a call to handle your clean out.  Our Disposal and Clean Up Service will clear out the clutter and unused items taking up space in your garage.  Let our team do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.  Once our crew is finished, you’ll be ready to tackle the remaining items and check off ‘clean the garage’ from your to-do list.  Your newly organized garage will reduce the time you spend in the cold temperatures looking for something while giving you more time to enjoy the outdoors once spring hits. 

To learn more about our Disposal and Clean Up Service, you can reach us at 781-941-2422 or visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/abhservices

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