Disposal and Cleanout Service: Organize Your Attic

Generally speaking, we don’t spend much time in our attics.  Some homes have little to no room for attic access while those who do have the space use it only for storage.  For those homeowners who have the space and utilize it for storage, it can become disorganized quickly.

The key to using your attic to its potential is to keep it organized.  If you won’t use an item in the future, there is no need to store it.   Over time, the usefulness of stored items wanes which gives way to the fact that you are now just storing junk.

This fall, take the opportunity to clean out your attic.  Junk disposal and cleanout services can help you navigate the narrow passageways of your attic and help you keep it well-organized.  As the holidays approach and you find yourself bringing down items like Halloween decorations, consider giving us a call to help you get organized.

ABH Services handles Attic cleanouts with ease.  Here are a few tips you can use to make sure you are making the best use of your attic:

  • Designate areas for specific storage. Group storage containers by holidays, usefulness, and accessibility.  Items that will be passed down to younger generations are better off near the back of the space while items that you access every year should be kept closer to the front.
  • Label all containers with their contents so you don’t have to dig through unlabeled boxes. With a permanent marker, label totes and containers, updating the list anytime you add or throw out items.
  • Use plastic totes and containers rather than cardboard boxes so you can prevent insect and rodent infestations. Cardboard does not protect contents from water damage and pests.
  • Get rid of all junk that you will never use. There is no reason to waste space on items you’ll not use again.  If you haven’t used an item in a year or two, it is wise to throw it out.
  • Throw out items that are broken or damaged from incorrect storage. No one is going to want your broken belongings.  Either have it repaired or get rid of it.
  • Vacuum and sweep up dust and debris that has settled in the attic. Since your attic sees minimal use, it tends to be dirty than other areas in your house.  A yearly cleaning or two will keep your belongings protected and your attic in decent shape.

Attics don’t have to be a dusty and dirty place that harbors bats, insects, and rodents.  Proper cleaning will rid your space of their droppings and keep your space well organized.  You and your family’s health won’t be impacted by the disease these animals carry and the dust, odors, and unsanitary conditions will be gone.

Contact ABH Services for your Disposal and Cleanout Service needs.  We’ll haul out your unwanted attic junk and dispose of it in a timely and efficient manner so you can quickly organize your space.  Reach us at 781-941-2422 or visit our Facebook page to learn more about our Disposal and Cleanout Services at https://www.facebook.com/abhservices

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