Dumpster Rental: What to Expect When Your Basement Floods

When water floods your basement, the cleanup process can be intimidating; partly, because it isn’t an everyday occurrence. It can be overwhelming to have your world disrupted by the unexpected.  The good news is, a number of companies exist for just this sort of thing.  Water Damage Restoration companies have the experience and equipment to thoroughly clean your home and return it back to its original condition.

So let’s take a look at the process.  If you have water in your basement, you’re likely scrambling online to figure out what to do.  Take a deep breath, it will be okay.  At ABH Services, we deal with these types of issues every week.  Here’s what you can expect and what you can do to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Assess the situation. If it is a small amount of water, you may be able to handle the cleanup process on your own.  Rainwater can be dried up or a small water leak can be repaired.  Larger issues from a flood or burst pipe may require professional help. 
  1. Be safe. Electricity and gas are the biggest hazards.  You may need to call the electric and gas companies to turn off your utilities until the water has been removed from your home.  Contaminated water from sewage backups can pose a danger as well.  Wear protective clothing and gear to prevent spreading illness.
  1. Take pictures and document everything. Keep all estimates and receipts and call your insurance company.
  1. If handling the job yourself, you’ll need an efficient way to throw out damaged property. Renting a dumpster is the best option for this.  A professional restoration company will likely have their own dumpster, but you should check to make sure.
  1. Once the problem causing the water has been resolved, you’ll need to dry out the basement. Professionals have industrial strength fans, dehumidifiers, and pumps to remove all of the water and moisture from your home.
  1. Personal belongings and smaller items will need to be disinfected and dried out to prevent mold and water damage. Dry clean rugs and curtains, or launder other fabrics in your own machine.  Throw out porous items that can’t be salvaged.
  1. When the area is completely dry, you can focus on restoring your property. You’ll likely need new drywall, paint, flooring and more depending on the extent of the damage.  A professional team can handle this process or you can take it on  by yourself.

When you know what to expect and how to handle some of the damage yourself, you will be able to ease your mind and know that your life can get back to normal fairly quickly.  If you need a dumpster for the job, call ABH Services.  We have 4 sizes of dumpsters and can help you determine the best size for your project.  You can schedule a drop off and pick up by calling our office at 781-941-2422.

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