Help! My Toilet is Leaking

When your toilet has a problem, it helps to be able to diagnose the issue when trying to repair it or before you call a plumber.  It could be that the flapper in the toilet’s tank doesn’t close all of the way making it sound like it is always running.  The same noise could be the result of a bad float in the tank. Both problems are wasting water and increasing your water bill.   If the toilet doesn’t flush well, you could have a looming main line clog that will soon get worse.  If you have water around the base of the toilet, you have a toilet that leaks and you should fix it as soon as possible. 

A leaky toilet at the base needs immediate attention.  The water leaking out is contaminated with your household’s ‘waste.’  This isn’t the clean water that fills the tank.  Usually, these leaks occur when a toilet is flushed, and the water that is supposed to go down the drain is leaking out onto your bathroom floor.

There are a few things that could cause this to happen:

  • The wax ring around the drain has disintegrated
  • The toilet tee bolts are loose or have rusted out
  • The toilet has been moved off of its base
  • The bowl has a crack

First make sure it’s not your toilet tank dripping condensation on to the floor.  Next, check the tee bolts.  Finally, check the wax seal under the toilet.  Once you have determined the cause of the leak, the next step is to fix it.  Wax rings wear down over time and may need to be replaced.  If the tee bolts are loose they may need to be tightened or replaced.  If your toilet moves when you sit down on it, both the tee bolts and wax seal should be replaced.

If the problem has gone on for a while, you may have a bigger problem on your hands.  The bacteria filled water can seep under your floors and cause mold and water damage.  If this is the case, maybe it’s time to take advantage of a bathroom remodel.  At ABH Services, we can help.  Our demolition service can tear out your old bathroom fixtures and floors so you can start remodeling your bathroom.

For a bathroom remodel for those on a tight budget, maybe you just need to replace the tile or flooring and get a couple new parts for your toilet.  Our goal is to work with you to come up with a plan that fits your needs.  Additionally, your family’s health will benefit if mold is growing as a result of the leak.  The longer any water sits the more mold you will have in your bathroom. 

Call our team today to learn more about our Demolition Service team.  We have the tools and experience to tackle any job in your home or office.   Give us a call at 781-941-2422 or visit our Facebook page at

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