Keeping Moisture Out of Your Basement in Winter


You may not think much about your basement during the winter, but unfortunately the space can suffer from excess moisture that goes unchecked during these cold months. People tend to spend less time in their basements during the winter due to the fact that they’re usually the coldest spot in the house, allowing moisture to sneak in and cause problems. The risks of excess moisture can range from mild to severe, including dangerous mold, destructive mildew, and even structural damage. To keep your basement dry during the winter, follow these helpful tips.

It’s important to rid your basement of clutter that can encourage moisture. If you notice signs of an insect or rodent infestation, which include holes chewed in paper or clothes or droppings, your basement’s humidity is high enough to provide these pests with a livable environment. A big decluttering project is probably in order. If it feels like too much to take on yourself, consider putting in a call to ABH Services. We can handle any clearing out and recycling project to take the stress out for you.

Another sign of moisture in your basement is cardboard, paper, or books in storage that feel soft or pliable to the touch. This is usually something seen in the summer, but can often present itself in the winter months as well. One potentially dangerous consequence of moisture over time mentioned above is the growth of mold and mildew. If you see either of these, it’s a sure sign that the moisture level is too high. Mold and mildew can damage your belongings and even your walls, leading to costly repairs. Some forms of mold are toxic to your family’s health, and need to be taken care of immediately.

Tips to reduce moisture in your basement:

  • Ensure that your pipes are winterized and insulated to protect against freezing or condensation. Foam insulation is a very inexpensive solution that can be installed in minutes.
  • Clear any snow around your home’s perimeter to discourage it from leaking into the basement when it melts.
  • Consider running your dehumidifier in the winter, if you have one. Keep it set to its regular settings and it will kick on to stabilize the humidity level, if needed.
  • Keep your basement as free of clutter as possible. Make sure everything is boxed up (plastic storage containers with snap-top lids can prevent mice or other pests from damaging your things in storage) and eliminate any old, musty, or unneeded items. Excess clutter can be a major source of retained moisture in a basement. The more room you have free in your basement, the better the air can flow and keep the space dry.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the clutter in your basement, or not wanting to tackle the project in the dead of winter, you’re not alone. It can be a daunting prospect for any busy homeowner. ABH Services has years of experiences helping homeowners clear out their basements and other home spaces. We can recycle or dispose of any of your unwanted items quickly and efficiently, and you’ll benefit from having far more usable space in your basement.

If you find yourself with items to recycle, in need of a dumpster, or considering a Cleanout crew for your basement, call ABH Services today for a consultation at 781-941-2422. Join us on Facebook at for more tips on maintaining your home.


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