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The Best Flooring For Your Kitchen

If you are about to start on a kitchen remodel or if you are building a new home, your flooring selections can sometimes be overwhelming.  Hardwood floors, may be the most common choice and for [...]

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How to Re-grout your Shower

Are you tired of your bathroom?  Is it showing its age and in desperate need of a remodel?  Today we’re going to look at some simple ways you can rejuvenate your bathroom while protecting it [...]

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Dumpster Service: The Big Spring Clean Out

Spring is finally here!  We’ve huddled up and bundled up to keep warm for the last few months and are now ready to enjoy the warmer temperatures and crisp, clean outdoors.  For many of us, [...]

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5 Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher in Prime Condition

Thank goodness for dishwashers!  Unless your residence doesn’t come equipped with a dishwasher, or if yours is broken, you may not think twice about this appliance.  Sometimes, we take for granted the modern amenities that [...]

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Help! My Toilet is Leaking

When your toilet has a problem, it helps to be able to diagnose the issue when trying to repair it or before you call a plumber.  It could be that the flapper in the toilet’s [...]

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