Recycle Service: 5 Ways to Reuse Old Tires

Winter driving conditions, for those of us in the Northeast, should be handled with care and awareness.  Windshields not properly scraped off, car roofs piled high with snow, and careless drivers on snowy and ice covered roads are just a few of the problems that can cause a motorist to have an accident.  Additionally, poor tire tread can contribute to these hazards.  Worn tires present countless problems on snow covered roads, which is why it is important to have them regularly checked.

If you are in the market for new tires, take into consideration what happens to your old tires.  Over 300 million tires are dumped in U.S. landfills every year.  These non-biodegradables take up space in our landfills, act as a breeding ground for mosquitos and rodents, and create fire hazards which can pollute our air.  On a positive note, there are a number of creative ways to reuse old tires.  Consider the options below as inventive ways to reuse your old tires and thus, doing your part for the environment.

  • Build a bike rack. Take 5 or 6 old tires and bury them halfway into the ground with about 2 inches between each.  For a bit of color, paint them a bright red or blue.  The tires are sturdy enough to hold a bike in place and cyclists can lock their bike through the center.
  • Add depth to your garden. Whether you have a green thumb or not, tires can be used as planters.  Stack a couple on top of each other, or get varying sizes to create planters.  The rubber will soak up the sun’s rays creating a greenhouse effect for the plant.  Additionally, if you put a wooden or plastic bottom in the planter, you can move your plants to different places in your yard. 
  • Create some old-fashioned fun with a tire swing. A sturdy branch, some rope and a tire is all that you need to hang a tire swing.  We recommend using a drill to add 4 holes in the bottom of the tire to help rainwater drain.
  • Construct seats for a child’s play area. Wash the tires and paint them bright colors.  Then, top them off with matching vinyl cushions that are easy to wipe off. 
  • Use them as outdoor steps. Pack dirt into the tires and stair step them up a small berm or incline.  This is a perfect option for areas that experience snow and ice, as the rubber rarely freezes.

If you simply wish to get rid of your tires, call the experts at ABH Services.  We understand the importance of proper recycling techniques and the value recycling brings to the environment.  We’ll haul away your old tires and recycle them so they don’t end up in a landfill.  You can rest assured that you’ll be contributing to protecting the environment and be rid of junk cluttering up your yard or garage at the same time. 

In addition to tires, we recycle as much as we can.  Give our team a call to inquire about our Recycle Service.  You can reach us at 781-941-2422 or visit our Facebook page at  We are always happy to answer any questions.

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