Recycle Service: How to Turn a Wooden Pallet into a Beautiful Garden

If your green thumb is getting itchy for a bit of Spring planting action, consider a do-it-yourself vertical planter.   Vertical gardens are great for small backyards, balconies, or areas of the country where the soil is not ideal for planting.  They also are beautiful addition to any landscape as it builds height and perspective.  These vertical troughs can be used for vegetables, herbs, flowers, or any other type of vegetation. 

If you work for a company who has a large amount of unused wood pallets taking up space in the warehouse, you may be able to buy them for a couple dollars.  Some companies may just let you take them as unused pallets only take up space. 

For this project, you’ll need some supplies.  Gather scissors, burlap, garden fabric, staple gun ( and staples), 5-6 bags of potting soil, seeds or starter plants, a small shovel, gardening gloves, and 1 wooden pallet.

  1. Staple the burlap to the inside of the front of the pallet. You will eventually cut small holes in the burlap to plant your seeds/plants and the burlap will hold the soil and plants in place.
  2. Staple the garden fabric onto the back and 3 sides of the pallet. Leave the top open.  The garden fabric can be folded and stapled to securely wrap around and cover the back, bottom, and sides of the pallet.  Make sure you don’t leave any openings on the sides or bottom where soil could escape.
  3. Stand the pallet up and fill it with soil from the open top.
  4. Once you have added the soil, lay the pallet at an angle with the burlap side facing up so the soil doesn’t spill out. A couple bricks or buckets are handy to keep it propped up and steady.
  5. Cut small holes in the burlap and plant as you go. It is helpful to layout your plant designs beforehand so you can make changes depending on the size of plant.
  6. Gently water your garden with a fine mist each day until your plants have started to take hold and grow.
  7. When the plants have taken root, you can now stand the planter up vertically.

Within a few weeks, you’ll have a beautiful garden to enjoy while recycling material and helping the environment.  

Businesses that have a plethora of wooden pallets taking up space in their warehouse might encourage you to build 5 or 10, just to remove the pallets from their building.  If you are one of those businesses, give ABH Services a call.  Our Recycling Service offers a pick-up service for wooden pallets.  Let us help you clear up space on your warehouse floor.   When you recycle wood pallets, you are reducing the amount of garbage filling our landfills while creating more space for your business.  Likewise, by reducing the amount of empty pallets stacked in your business, you are promoting a safe work environment. 

Call us at 781-941-2422 or visit our Facebook page at to discuss how we can help maximize your warehouse space with our wood pallet Recycling Service.

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