Recycle Services: What can you Recycle?

Occasionally it’s helpful to have a gentle reminder as to what you can recycle and what needs to go in the everyday trash.  For the most part, recycling services are similar across the country.  For the best results, check with your neighborhood waste management provider to determine exactly what is acceptable for your home recycling bin.

For your convenience, we’ve comprised a list of items that are generally accepted by most recycling services.  Recycling can be a great chore for children wanting to earn an allowance.  It is also a great practice for them to get into at an early age.  After all, what goes in the trash and recycle bins now affects future generations later.

The basic recyclable items are:

  • Paper: Notebook and legal paper, office paper and newspapers are all recyclable. Shred papers with important identifying information on it before throwing it in the bin.  Magazines and newspaper inserts are accepted, too.
  • Plastic: Juice, water, and milk jugs are accepted as well as plastic drinking bottles. Other items include shampoo and conditioner bottles, laundry soap bottles, and detergents. The key to plastic containers is to rinse them out and to remove the lids and caps since they are usually made from non-recyclable types of plastic.
  • Aluminum and steel/tin cans: All soda cans and empty cans of food can be recycled. If you don’t return your pop cans for a few cents, then take the time to throw them in the recycle bin.   Like plastic containers, it is helpful to rinse them out first.  This will help keep your recycle bin clean so it doesn’t attract unwanted critters and bugs.
  • Corrugated cardboard: Boxes for packing and shipping items are acceptable. Break them down to ensure they’ll be picked up.  Never recycle your used pizza boxes, they are not accepted.
  • Glass jars: Beer and wine bottles, food and jelly jars are traditionally accepted. If in doubt, look for the recycle symbol.  Rinse the glass out to prevent odors, and place in the container bin.

Recycling allows us to cut down our carbon footprint by directing reusable materials out of our landfills and towards companies that can give the items a second cycle of life.  Recycled products are turned into electricity, crude oil, toys, clothes, playground equipment, and other completely new items.   If you don’t recycle now, give it a try.  Start small with newspapers and magazines.  Every little bit helps conserve our planet’s resources and you’ll be on your way to starting a new earth-conscience habit. 

For those bigger recyclable items, call the team at ABH Services and ask about our Recycling Service.  We have years of experience in protecting the environment.  We work to recycle everything we can; appliances, office equipment, computers, scrap metal, and bulk cardboard or paper.   If you’re not sure, call our office and we’ll be happy to discuss options to help you clean up your property without needlessly using the landfills.

If you have old appliances, office equipment, or cardboard boxes taking up space in your warehouse give us a call at 781-941-2422.  You can also visit our Facebook page at

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