Recycling Service: What to do With Your Old Boat?

Winter is officially here which means our carefree days of summer are just a memory.  On the other hand, we are at the halfway point to the upcoming summer where we can, once again, enjoy the fun, warmth, and water.  The winter is the start of boat season, believe it or not, so now is the perfect time to start shopping for a new boat so you’ll be ready to roll this summer…or float.

If you are a boat owner, or if you are thinking of buying a boat, we have a few tips to ensure you are making the right investment.  Purchasing a boat from a boat show can be better than buying a used boat from an ad.  First of all, the boats at the show are going to be new and showcasing the year’s new models and features.  The warranty will be new so if there are any complications come summer, you’ll be covered.  Make sure you ask the dealer what is included in the price; a trailer, summerizing, any extra perks?

When you buy a used boat in the winter the sale is trickier.  More than likely, the boat will be for sale as the owner has purchased a new boat and wants to make room for it.  However, there could be something wrong with it, and with our freezing temperatures, we don’t have the option to take it for a test drive.  So what should you do and ask the seller?

  • How many hours are on the engine? The type of engine will determine the worth in this case.  If you are paying less than half the cost of the new boat and the number of hours is half of the life of the engine, it may be a good investment.  Do a little research on the brand for the best solution.
  • Is the boat winterized? This will tell you a bit about how the boat has been cared for.  If it isn’t winterized by now, expect to have some extra repair costs this spring.
  • Ask for service records: If the seller can provide these, you’ll be able to see if there were any problems and how they were fixed.

With some research and time, you’ll be able to make a knowledgeable decision regarding a used boat purchase.  However, if you are buying a used boat and simply want to get rid of your old one, call the experts at ABH Services.  We can remove your old boat from your property and properly dispose of it.  Our recycling service breaks down the boat to recycle every piece we can.  Our goal is to minimize what goes into the landfills so we dismantle the entire boat in order to protect the environment.  Scrap metal, plastics, glass, and copper are all reusable sources that can be used in a variety of industries.

Call our team of experts today at 781-941-2422 with questions or to request a quote for our recycle services.  You can also visit our Facebook page at  Happy Boating!

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