Recycling Services: We’ll Take Your Junk!

Have your spring cleaning ideas and summer garage sale thoughts flittered away from you this year?  It happens to the best of us.  We start with good intentions and quickly find our to-do lists getting away from us as impromptu pool parties and trips to the beach creep into our well-thought-out plans.  We all have a room or closet that could use a good decluttering, but what should you do with your junk?

Part of what holds us back in completing these tedious chores is:

  • Weight and bulk: Is your vehicle big enough to transport the items? Are things too heavy?
  • Physical restrictions: As with the weight of things, moving in tight, cluttered spaces may be outside of your comfort zone or limitations.
  • Wishful thinking: Admit it; you own at least one item that you promise yourself you will use…someday.
  • Where should it go: Do you want to donate, sell, or junk the items? Added decisions can easily bring anxiety to next steps.
  • Motivation: With the weather so nice, it’s tough to spend your free-time indoors.
  • Guilt: Don’t feel bad getting rid of items. If you no longer use them, free up your space!

When junk piles up, it can increase health problems like respiratory issues, cause accidents, and even worsen depression.  A clean, organized space, on the other hand, reduces in-home falls and incidents, is easier to keep clean, and results in an increase in your home’s value.

At ABH Services, we love seeing the smiling faces of our customers who peer in awe at their newly expanded space.  Let us haul your junk away.  We handle where it goes and recycle everything we can.  Our commitment to our community and planet means we work green so that your old items don’t just end up in a landfill.  After we haul your belongings away we take steps to strip down everything we can in order to recycle the components.  Use this clean-out project to get rid of old appliances, workout equipment, or anything else causing you grief. 

We bring the tools and equipment to you to make your junk removal task a piece of cake.  Let us do the work so you can spend these last few weeks of summer enjoying the weather with friends and family.  Just imagine what the extra space in your home will mean for you.  Clear out your garage, basement, or that pesky closet that has turned into the hidden junk pile.

Call to schedule our Recycling Services at 781-941-2422.  We’ll handle the heavy lifting!  Learn more about our other services and how we recycle on our Facebook page at

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