Tackling Overwhelming Clutter One Step at a Time

Clutter can dominate any room of your home, and excessive amounts of useless stuff plagues households across the United States. When space is taken over by piles of junk that is either totally unneeded or has no system of organization, it makes it difficult to function within that space. You might find that it becomes difficult to move through this room, or you avoid it completely to keep yourself from having to look at it. Some people become overburdened by piles of stuff so high that they worry about injuries taking place should any of it fall.

Nobody wants to live in an unsafe or unhygienic space, but after a while it can become so overwhelming that you don’t know where to begin. So the problem remains, oftentimes becoming worse over time. Fortunately, we are here to help you get down to the nitty-gritty so that you can tackle this problem and reap the rewards of so much more space in no time.

Five Steps to Resolving Excessive Clutter

  1. Rent a dumpster from ABH Services. You will be surprised at how quickly the amount of trash piles up, and the rental of a dumpster will consolidate all of your garbage bags, broken furniture and other unwanted materials into one safe space.
  2. Starting the actual cleanup is easier than you might think. Just pick something up. Every major project starts with picking up that first item and determining what’s to be done with it. When you’ve got that first object in-hand, decide if it:
    Has an actual dedicated space in the home (such as dishes, which belong in the kitchen)
    b. Is garbage. This includes things that are broken beyond repair and either can’t be fixed, or you don’t want to have fixed.
    c. Can be donated. Is it a nice item, but you just have no place for it? Donating your used items affords someone else a chance to breathe new life into your unwanted stuff while simultaneously clearing out some much-needed space!
    d. Needs to find a proper space in your home. Some items just have no dedicated space in your home for one reason or another. If you want to hold onto something that has sentimental value to you, for example, then you should figure out where you can safely keep it.
    Repeat this step for every item that you pick up. It might be tough to make this decision for some items, but it will be worth it in the long run. If you find yourself needing some support to help you make these decisions, call in a family member or friend to help you out!
  3. Box or bag up everything that you plan to keep. Get all garbage into the dumpster, dishes into the kitchen and clothes into the closet or laundry room. Set the boxes of things that you will keep aside by moving them out of the room. What should remain are any large pieces of furniture and appliances that cannot be moved.
  4. It’s time to clean. Start from the top of the room and work your way down. Clear cobwebs from the corners, clean the windows and window ledges of dust and dirt, and spot-clean any dirty marks on the walls. From there, clean the floors. If you have carpeting and find that it has been soiled by the mess, you might need to bring in the help of a steam-cleaner or even a professional cleaning service.
  5. Go through the boxes that you put aside earlier and get to sorting. With the room cleaned out through the four steps above, it should be easy to find a space for every possession that you plan to keep.

At ABH Services we understand that de-cluttering projects can seem insurmountable, and even paralyzing. We offer dumpster rentals to individuals, contractors and companies in the North Shore and Greater Boston area to help you clean your home or business in no time at all. For information about dumpster rentals, call us today at 781-941-2422

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