The Best Flooring For Your Kitchen

If you are about to start on a kitchen remodel or if you are building a new home, your flooring selections can sometimes be overwhelming.  Hardwood floors, may be the most common choice and for good reason.  They are durable, require little maintenance, and look fantastic.  The problem, however, is that sometimes hardwood floors are expensive and outside of your budget.   That means, looking at the many other options that are friendly to your wallet.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. There is a wide variety of choices available today that can replicate some of the most expensive styles of flooring at a fraction of the cost.    

The best thing to remember about any of these products is that proper care and quick attention to spills will keep your floors looking their best.  Timely maintenance will extend the life of your floors and reduce the potential of water damage to your subfloor.  At ABH Services, we’ve helped many homeowners prepare for their flooring projects and have learned a thing or two along the way.  Here is a look at some of the best flooring options for your kitchen. 

Ceramic Tile:  This option is a favorite for kitchens because of its durability and maintenance needs.  Tile is sealed with grout to prevent water from seeping through seams and into the subfloor.  The numerous color options make it a fantastic choice for high-traffic areas.   Likewise, any pattern is possible through mixing different colored tiles.

Luxury Vinyl:  This material comes in a wide array of styles and is produced to replicate stone or wood.  Ever-changing technologies in the industry make luxury vinyl very different from what you may think of as ‘vinyl.’  It is a moisture resistant selection that is both easy to clean and durable.  An additional benefit is that some lines can be laid atop your current floor in order to reduce cost.

Concrete:  A sophisticated look is obtained when you choose concrete for your kitchen floor.  Concrete can be tinted to almost any color and qualified artisans can add elegant textures and designs.  The material is sealed so water and stains can’t soak into it.   For those of us in the Northeast, we can install radiant heat flooring beneath the concrete so our toes are kept warm in the winter. 

Laminate:  Laminate works well in your kitchen, but it needs to be the kind that is glued down.  Any laminate that simply locks with a tongue and groove will allow water to penetrate the seams. 

If you decide you are ready to begin your remodel and need a few extra hands, call our team at ABH Services.  Our Demolition team can help you prepare your kitchen for your remodel.  We will remove and dispose of the flooring and extra debris, and leave you with a clean slate, ready for your remodel.    All you have to do is select your flooring. 

If you’d like to learn more or have questions about our Demolition Services, call us at 781-941-2422.  We are happy to help.   For more information, you can also visit our Facebook page at

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