The Dangers of Floodwaters

The floods in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico have been devastating and hurricane season is still going strong.  Cleanup in these areas will take months, if not years, before everyone affected by the storms is back to their normal routine.  In our region of the country, we know, all too well, how quickly a hurricane can disrupt lives.

At ABH Services, we are experts in demolition.  After a hurricane passes, floodwaters and storm surge can quickly overtake our property leaving an enormous disaster in its wake.  This hurricane season, if storm damage or flooding requires you to demolish areas of your home we can help ease the burden.

The important thing is to stay safe and be mindful of your surroundings.  Here are some things to remember about floodwater:

  • It likely contains raw sewage. Significant flooding typically causes waste and water treatment plants to fail. 
  • Floodwaters are a disgusting soup of everything they come into contact with like chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.
  • Floods are powerful with strong currents as they rush in and out of your home. Never drive through a flooded area and never attempt to walk through high waters.
  • Water is an excellent conduit of electricity. Power lines can be knocked down by wind and tree limbs creating dangerous conditions.  Turn off your electricity and avoid powerlines if you are surrounded by floodwater.
  • Cover and protect any open wounds before entering hazardous floodwater. Clean and disinfect the wound regularly to avoid infection.
  • Floodwater contains dangerous and sharp objects. Take precaution before entering and wear shoes and protective gear.
  • Animals, pests, and rodents, are displaced during a flood and are more likely to be aggressive.
  • Never play in floodwaters no matter how shallow or deep and make sure to sanitize and disinfect any toys or objects that have come into contact with floodwater.

Numerous dangerous exist when a flood occurs.  Make sure you are safe and protected.  When the waters recede, give ABH Services a call for your demolition needs.  Our Demolition Services can help you mitigate the flood and tear out the flooring, cabinets, and flood damaged building material so you can begin the recovery and restoration phase.

Demolition Service from our experts at ABH Services will help you remove the damaged material from your home and haul it away leaving you with a clean space to begin repairs.  We have the equipment to get the job done fast and the expertise to safely remove construction debris from your home.  If you have questions regarding our services or would like to schedule a demolition, call us at 781-941-2422.  You can also visit our Facebook page to learn more about our Demolition Service and home solutions at

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