What Are The True Benefits of Recycling?


You have been told all of your life that there are benefits to recycling and that you need to do it. Without even researching it, you have likely complied since you were able to. We are all used to the green, yellow, or blue recycling bins that line our neighborhood streets and even the sidewalks at stores.

But, why do you recycle? Do you do it because you understand the benefits? Or do you do it simply because you are accustomed to the idea and it is engrained in you to do so?

Well, there are benefits to recycling and today we will cover what those benefits are, so that you can understand why you perform the act and how it helps everyone and the world around you.

Helps to Conserve Natural Resources
There are certain items that can be recycled to help conserve natural resources on this planet. For example, bottles, scrap cars, and rubber can be reused multiple times to prevent natural resources from being completely depleted. Every time that a new tire or new bottle needs to be made, we waste energy, supplies, and manpower to do so.

When large quantities of items are collected, they are made into new items that can be reused. In fact, you may notice that the take-out box you have or shampoo bottle in your shower says that it is made from recycled materials.

You Can Earn Cash
Did you know that you can earn cash to put directly into your pocket when you recycle? It is true. Now, it is important to know that not every state, facility, or item will qualify or offer these benefits. But, there are recycling companies that do pay you an incentive to turn in your glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and scrap metal or rubber.

Helps to Reduce the Size of Our Landfills
If you have ever been to a landfill, you may be surprised at how big it actually is. When you recycle, it helps to reduce the size of these landfills because you are not adding more items to them. As landfills grow and become too big, the quality of our air is diminished and pollution rises. In addition, larger landfills can lead to health problems within the community as trash enters the water streams and more.

Helps Save Money for Everyone
One benefit you may not have realized that comes from recycling is the ability to save money as a whole community. When no one recycles, the natural resources are depleted and the community is required to pay for additional services such as waste disposal, mining services, and planting forests.

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