5 DIY Projects That Dumpster Rentals Make Easier


Are you getting ready for a DIY project in the Greater Boston or North Shore area? Are you anticipating a lot of waste from the project? ABH Services will provide you with any size dumpster you require. Here are five DIY projects that dumpster rentals make easier.

  1. Brush Removal And DIY Landscape Beautification Projects

Your landscape is the ideal place to start with a DIY project. Trimming the grass, removing dead limbs and foliage, as well as dead tree trunks will free up space which will allow you to engage in any sort of beautification project like a flower bed, a mosaic ground paver walkway, an outdoor sitting area, or a contemporary garden.

You can also remove junk to promote accessibility and an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. A dumpster rental from ABH Services will enable you to throw away large volumes of materials without having to worry about the removal process afterward.

  1. Interior Home Renovations

Do you need a spare bedroom? Do you want to remodel the kitchen or bathroom? Whether you are remodeling for familial use or want to fix up a home to sell, you will need to gut and replace many things. As a DIY project, you will save significantly.

Any type of DIY home renovation project will require a dumpster as you will remove any number of things including drywall, appliances, cabinetry, carpet, or old furniture.

  1. Adding A Swimming Pool

Whether you want to install a pool or renovate one, this is the kind of DIY project that is simple and straightforward. If you are renovating an old pool, you will first have to extract waste like tiles, ceramics, bricks, plumbing accessories, or waterproofing material. As this project requires a lot of manual labor, you will want a dumpster nearby to save you time and energy. You must dispose of the packaging as it quickly adds up.

  1. Siding Removal And Replacement

With the storms and debris that most homes experience, it becomes necessary to remove the old siding to restore the beauty of your home with the new. You will not only have old materials like sheathing, foam, siding, and wrap to dispose of, but you will also have lots of waste from the purchase of the new materials. ABH Services will not only provide the dumpster but recycle the siding which will ensure an eco-friendly solution to waste.

  1. Remodeling The Basement

Most families store possessions in the basement. Some homeowners want to utilize the space for family rooms, workstations, or game rooms which requires a remodeling project to dispose of old storage items, flooring, or walls to secure the space. You should first assess your needs before deciding on the size of dumpster to rent.  

  • The 10-yard roll-off is ideal for small projects like a partial kitchen remodel.
  • The 15-yard roll-off dumpster is ideal for medium jobs like cleaning a basement.
  • The 20-yard roll-off dumpster is utilized for multi-room projects or storage cleaning.
  • The 25- yard roll-off dumpster is better for demolitions or apartment renovations.

Please contact us for more information on dumpster rental pricing and availability.  You can also visit our website to learn more about DIY projects that our dumpster services will simplify.

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