Tips to Maintaining a Clean Car This Winter


Many Northeasterners can attest to the fact that their cars are most cluttered during the winter months.  A number of reasons can lead to this fact.  We tend to travel with extra gear during the cold season; a smart idea when inclement weather may strand you on a highway.  We also may spend more time hustling inside, out of the cold, and lack the stamina to spend the time thoroughly cleaning out our cars.  Whatever the reason, the junk can add up quickly in such a small space.  For that reason, we have a few tips to share on keeping your car clean and organized this winter.

  1. Empty out the glovebox.  Utilize envelopes: 1 for important documents like insurance cards and registration papers.  Another envelope can hold any car repairs or receipts relevant to your car.  Add the owner’s manual back into the box and toss out any extra junk you’ve stored here.  One final tip, this is a great place for napkins or Kleenex.
  2. Organize the trunk of your car. Store any emergency kit or winter gear in the trunk.  An old duffle bag is a great way to keep items from sliding all over the trunk and provides enough room for emergency gear and a couple of blankets.  You should have jumper cables, flares or emergency lights, a plastic cup, a candle, matches, and any other supplies needed in the event that you become stranded or stuck in the snow.
  3. Inside the interior of your car, you can remove any items you don’t use. It is unsafe to have objects in your car that are loose.  Quick stops or accidents will turn anything unattached into a projectile that could injure you and your occupants.  A bag or car organizer can keep things contained if there are must-have items.  An extra pair of gloves, a hat, and sunglasses can be stored in this space.
  4. Keep a couple of small garbage bags in your car in order to minimize trash. The result will be a well-organized car that is easy to keep clean.

A great tip during the winter months when your car seems to be overly messy is to approach the cleanup process with 2 bags: one for trash, and one for everything else.  Stuff all of your junk into one of these two bags and haul them inside to sort through.  The benefit of this is that you’ll spend less time in the cold and then can organize what needs to stay in your home, and what items need to be returned to the car.

Now, within your house, disposal and cleanout services are a different beast.  You may find stored items no longer in use a burden.  In this case, call on our professional Disposal and Cleanout team at ABH Services.  We’ll handle the lifting and removal so you are able to gain back your storage area and finally be rid of all the junk taking up space.  Call our team at 781-941-2422 to schedule your cleanout or disposal project.  Then, follow us on Facebook at to learn more great tips at staying organized.

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