How ABH Services Promote Recycling of E-Waste Materials

How ABH Services Promote Recycling of E-Waste Materials

E-waste is anything considered electronic that you tend to throw away. Instead of it landing in the garbage, ABH Services provide e-waste recycling in the Greater Boston and North Shore area so that it does not end up in local landfills. Our e-waste initiatives include kitchen appliances, televisions, computer monitors, computer components, cell phones, circuit boards, printers, copiers, and fax machines. Massachusetts also bans e-waste disposal of large appliances, so our company’s recycling initiatives help local citizens dispose of materials safely.

Is E-Waste Hazardous?

There are certain parts in electronics that are hazardous. Many of them end up in landfills which pollutes the earth and air with hazardous toxins and chemicals which put landfill workers at risk.

  • Brominated flame retardants are difficult to break down which is why they build up in landfills. Contact with this material will affect memory and impair learning. It causes thyroid and hormonal issues. It may cause behavioral issues for babies still in the womb.
  • Cadmium is used to produce rechargeable batteries in computers and old-model CRTs. It will affect the bones and kidneys
  • Cathode Ray Tubes contain thousands of tons of lead which cause impaired learning in young children. It may damage reproductive, nervous, and circulation systems in adults.
  • Hexavalent chromium is often used in the production of electronic metal housings. They are highly carcinogenic, so exposure of just a small amount can lead to cancer diagnosis.
  • Mercury is found in flat screen television displays. Contact with it can damage the brain and the central nervous system. It is most dangerous during ages of early development.
  • Polyvinyl chloride is a plastic used in electronic insulation wiring and cables. Furans and chlorinated dioxins release during production, during incineration, and disposal. They are highly toxic and long-lasting in the landfills.

E-Waste Facts

  1. The United States throws 9.4 million tons of e-waste away each year, but only about 12.5% ends up in recycling centers.
  2. For every million cell phones that our Massachusetts customers recycle, ABS Services will produce 33 pounds of palladium, 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 35,274 pounds of copper. You might also be surprised to find out that Americans annually throw out phones that contain more than $60 million in gold and silver.
  3. For every one million laptops that our ABH Services recycle, we could power 3,657 Massachusetts homes annually.
  4. For every ton of circuit boards that we recycle, we produce 40 times more copper than a mining company would produce in one ton of ore.
  5. An old TV and a cathode ray tube contain up to eight pounds of lead. Massachusetts requires proper disposal. ABH Services are also fully qualified for removal and disposal.
  6. More than 40 million tons of e-waste was sent from the United States to other countries.
  7. About 40% of disposed of electronics in landfills contain recyclable heavy metals.
  8. Americans dispose of more than 350,000 cell phones every day.
  9. Cell phone manufacturers use up to 1000 components to produce one phone. Many of these parts contain hazardous heavy metals like mercury, beryllium, lead, and cadmium. They also contain toxins like polluting PVC plastic and brominated flame retardants.

Want to know more about e-waste? You can call us at 781-941-2422. You can also follow our blog for e-waste news, tips, or our recycling initiative information to keep Massachusetts clean.

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