Office Decommissioning Services Overview

Office decommissioning is vital for businesses relocating, downsizing, or renovating. This process ensures the office space is dismantled, cleared, and restored according to lease terms or original condition, ensuring a compliant and efficient transition.

Included Services:

Furniture and Equipment Removal

Furniture and Equipment Removal:

    • Disassembling office furniture, equipment, and cubicles.
    • Responsibly disposing of or recycling outdated or damaged items. Including ink cartridges and monitors.

Technology Destruction:

    • Securely destroying data to protect company information. IE – shredding – hard drive.
    • Destruction with certifications.
Waste Management

Waste Management:

    • Employing environmentally responsible methods for disposing of non-salvageable items.
    • Minimizing waste through recycling to the best of our ability.
Logistics and Coordination

Logistics and Coordination:

    • Coordinating with building management for non-disruptive operations.
    • Handling logistics for moving or storing office assets.
Relocation Of Office Equipment And Furniture

Relocation of Office Equipment and Furniture:

    • Safely and efficiently protect and move office furniture and equipment to a new location.
    • Planning and executing the transport and setup in the new office space.

Each service is crucial in the office decommissioning process, facilitating a responsible and seamless transition to a new space.