5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Dumpster Rentals

5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Dumpster Rentals
Are the smaller trashcans no longer serving your needs as your business grows? How often have you stood at a worksite wishing you would have rented a dumpster as your trash pile grows? Whether you are a builder, manufacturer, or merely want to renovate your home, a dumpster rental will solve many of your residential and commercial waste removal needs. Here are five ways your business will benefit from dumpster rentals from ABH Services, Inc.

1. Waste Removal Compliance

The state of Massachusetts does not regulate the use of dumpsters. It does, however, stipulate the materials you are allowed to throw in them. Hazardous waste like asbestos or lead paint requires you to contact us for a specialized removal and disposal process. Local ordinances will also regulate the size and location you put your dumpsters.

Each local government also oversees renting dumpsters on your property. In Massachusetts, you also must have a permit which generally lasts for thirty days. You should not have to worry about compliance, so you need to hire our experts at ABH Services, Inc. to ensure you comply with the town and state ordinances.

2. Increase In Efficiency

The National Business Research Institute found that companies that provide the right tools and equipment for a job improve weekly productivity by two hours. Not only will the right equipment increase efficiency, but your employees’ accessibility will enhance work duties. It will also increase profit. As we remove the waste for you, your employees will have the time to focus on core functions that boost your growth.

3. Safety Concerns

The AFL-CIO estimates that more than 11.1 million workers receive injuries each year because of unsafe working conditions. Waste on sites leads to numerous safety hazards including metal shards, dangerous objects, broken materials, and broken glass. A dumpster at a worksite ensures that areas are free of debris and waste.

We also remove hazardous materials like oil, asbestos, and chemicals which will adhere to OSHA compliance regulations. While it is up to site supervisors to remove hazardous material safely, without our experts, there would be no place to dispose of it which increases the likelihood of a workplace accident taking place.

4. Increases Profits And Growth

When employees work in a clean and stress-free work environment, it improves productivity and convenience. With an eye on speed and growth, a dumpster is a smart decision to reduce expenses while boosting profits and growth.

5. Versatility In Type Of Waste To Dispose

A critical benefit of hiring us is the access to the disposal of both solid and hazardous wastes. Our dumpsters are fully equipped to hold solid wastes like furniture, waste materials, and miscellaneous discarded items. If you find that you need us to dispose of hazardous materials, we will be more than happy to assist you with that task as well.
Our company prides itself on flexibility and reliability. Not only will we ensure that your next project complies with local and state laws, but you will also have peace of mind that our company is properly disposing of your waste responsibly.

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