Do You Need A Reason To Recycle? Here Are 7 Good Ones

Do you think that one person cannot make a difference in recycling? Check out these stats. One soda can will generate three hours of energy for a television. Recycling companies are so quick with efforts that a Coke can make it back to your grocery shelf within two months after collection at a recycling center. [...]

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7 Tips for a DIY Demolition and Renovation Project

Are you planning a DIY demolition and renovation project? Doing all the work yourself can save a lot of money, but it is also a timely and dirty project that just might be more than you want to handle alone. Here are seven things you need to be aware before you start a DIY demolition [...]

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What To Do Before And After A Natural Disaster Or Severe Storm

With 18 confirmed deaths and dozens still missing in Hurricane Michael’s aftermath, it leaves many to questions just what precautions to take for severe weather. It is also raising awareness of what to do before and after a natural disaster, severe storm, or fire occurs. While our staff at ABH Services, Inc.’s goal is to [...]

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Do You Need Shoring Services? 3 Types You Should Know About

Shoring is used in construction and temporary emergency services to provide support for unsafe building structures, vessels, or trenches that are in a weakened state or in danger of collapse. The support beams may run parallel, angled, or vertical to the infrastructure when a repair needs to be made for cracked walls, debris removal, uneven [...]

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How Much Do You Know About Demolition? Here Are The Steps To Know

Building demolitions occur both commercially and residentially because structures have a limited design life that spans somewhere close to or at a century old. After the lifespan ages out, the building is considered unsafe for occupancy. In many cases, owners tend to use demolition to remove unsafe structures so that new, modernized buildings can be [...]

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Do We Need a Better Recycling Plan in America?

For two and a half decades, Asian countries took in two-thirds of the world’s plastic for recycling. China alone imported nearly half of this number which has allowed first-world countries to reduce plastic waste significantly. It was a shock to the world when, at the beginning of 2018, they announced a plastics ban because of [...]

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Considering Winter Dumpster Rental? 6 Tips to Follow

While most people think of dumpster rental as a spring or summer necessity, sometimes circumstances require you to rent a dumpster during the winter. Whether you’re moving, dealing with the aftermath of a fire, or clearing out clutter from a section of your home, dumpster rental during the winter requires special considerations to go smoothly. [...]

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How a “Trash-Out” Can Refresh Your Home Before the Holidays

You may be wondering, what exactly is a “trash-out”? Like the name suggests, this process involves collecting trash—both obvious and not so obvious—together and getting it out of your home, but it’s also a way of deeply decluttering your living space. By performing this process to clean out your home before the holidays, not only [...]

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How to Decide Whether to Recycle or Donate an Item?

It can be hard to part with items in your home, even if you know they’re just taking up space because you’ll never use them. Whether the money you paid out when purchasing the item stops you from getting rid of it, or the guilt due to sentimental reasons, decluttering can be more difficult than [...]

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