Disposal and Cleanout: Organizing Your Garage for Fall

The fall is a great time to organize your garage and shed before winter weather keeps you indoors.  The benefit of doing it now is cooler temperatures, dry weather, and the last chance to clean off and winterize any tools and equipment.  A clean shed and garage will make it easier for you get to the items you may need for winter quickly, such as a snow blower, shovel, accessible tools, and anything else you store for winter.

At ABH Services, we specialize in Disposal and Cleanout services whether it is your garage, basement, attic, or entire house.  We’ve accumulated a lot of tips and tricks over the years and love passing on our knowledge.  Here are just a few ways to quickly organize your garage and outdoor storage areas.

  1. Clean off dirt and debris from gardening tools before storing. Lay them out to dry so they won’t rust and then store them in a bin for easy access next spring.
  2. Brush off grass clippings from your lawn mower and give your lawn one last mow to use up as much gasoline as possible.
  3. Hang rakes and brooms toward the back of the garage and move snow shovels near the front, within reach.
  4. Mason jars and coffee cans are great for storing loose nails, screws, and bolts. They can be shelved and labeled for a neat and tidy workspace.
  5. Pegboards are ideal for hanging tools and organizing your space.
  6. Move your snow blower to the front of the shed or garage so it is accessible when needed.
  7. Dry up oil spots with kitty litter or sawdust and sweep clean.
  8. Throw out any items you haven’t used in over a year.
  9. Use a broom or leaf blower to clear out dust and debris from the floor.
  10. Hang up bicycles and toys that won’t be used during the winter months so you have more floor space.
  11. Move flower pots and planters indoors or shelve them so they are protected from the harsh winter.

Every garage is different, and the size and the usefulness of tools vary from person to person.  With a well-organized garage, you’ll be starting the season off right and not be stuck clearing out your space when temperatures are below freezing.  If you find you have a large load of items that you no longer need, then give our Disposal and Cleanout team a call.  We will haul away any of your items no matter how big or small, and sweep the area clean so you are left with a spotless garage. 

With shorter spans of daylight on the way, take advantage of this time to complete your outdoor chores so you don’t have to worry about it again until the spring.  Call us at 781-941-2422 to inquire about our Disposal and Cleanout Services, or visit our Facebook page to learn more about our solutions at https://www.facebook.com/abhservices

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