FAQ About Commercial Dumpster Rental

Big cleanup projects require big garbage receptacles, far bigger than your average curbside trashcan. And while the rental of a dumpster can seriously cut down the headache in dealing with the cleanup, the process can sound kind of intimidating or confusing for first-time dumpster renters. This is especially true for business owners and managers responsible for waste management on top of other business obligations.

While a simple FAQ might not answer all of your questions, the information below can get you prepared for the process so that you can go into your rental agreement more confident and informed. For a free estimate with one of the professionals at ABH Services, call us today at 781-941-2422.

Q1: Can I arrange a long-term contract for my business?
A1: Yes. ABH Services allows for the arrangement of long-term and one-time waste removal solutions for both commercial and residential properties.

Q2: When arranging a long-term waste removal contract, what information is needed?
A2: Upon meeting with the waste removal company, you will discuss the following terms:

  1. The duration of the contract.
  2. The method of payment.
  3. Any legal guidelines that might need to be considered as per the laws of your state, city or county.
  4. The schedule that the company will use to arrange the pickup of your waste.

Q3: Can I rent more than one dumpster?
A3: Most simply put, yes. You can rent as many dumpsters as needed for removing refuse from your business.

Q4: What size dumpster should I rent?
A4: This depends entirely on the amount of waste that you need removed. Large reconstruction projects will require significantly bigger dumpsters than an average day or week might generate, for example. We recommend calling ABH Services at 781-941-2422 to schedule a free estimate so that you get the right sized dumpster for the job.

Q5: Will ABH Services help with the heavy work?
A5: Definitely! In the case of big cleanup jobs like those following a large renovation, you can hire us to take charge of the physical labor.

Q6: What materials will ABH Services not pick up?
A6: To keep in line with proper, safe and healthy waste management regulations we will not receive propane, gas tanks, flammable liquids, closed drums, asbestos, CRTs screens or batteries. Other items might also be refused.

Q7: What size dumpsters are offered for commercial spaces?
A7: ABH Services offers four different size dumpsters for both residential and commercial applications: 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards and 25 yards. We will consult with you to make sure that you choose the right dumpster for the job.

Q8: Will you drop off and haul off the dumpster when needed?
A8: Yes. You don’t have to worry at all about transporting the dumpster yourself.

ABH Services is dedicated to providing courteous and high-quality waste removal services to the North Shore and Greater Boston area. We provide dumpster rentals to commercial and residential spaces at affordable rates that will fit into anybody’s budget. For a free estimate, call us today at 781-941-2422.

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