How a Dumpster Can Assist You in Spring Cleaning Your Whole House

How a Dumpster Can Assist You in Spring Cleaning Your Whole House

Spring brings with it sunny skies and gentle breezes. With these changes comes the natural urge to clear and clean out our living spaces. Depending on the amount of items and junk you have been hanging on to, however, you may give up before you start. Renting a rolloff dumpster from ABH Services can help you make the process go smoothly and quickly. With the space a dumpster provides, it allows you to get rid of many items at one time so you don’t have to worry about storing excess trash in your garage or dragging your heels on getting it done.   

Spring Cleaning Guide For Each Home Area

Tackle one area of your home at a time and use this guide to easily identify some of the items that you can toss without regret. You’ll soon find more categories among your particular belongings that you can toss in the dumpster. As a general rule, if an item is not seasonal and you haven’t used it in 6 months, it can get donated or thrown in the trash, depending on what it is and the quality of the item.  


  • Chipped or otherwise damaged plates & glassware
  • Sample condiment packets
  • Plastic silverware sets
  • Kitchen towels with holes
  • Junk mail
  • Old papers, such as bills or school papers
  • Lids from missing containers
  • Extra plastic containers
  • Old cleaning products

Living Room/Family Room

  • Broken or damaged toys
  • Games & puzzles that are missing pieces
  • Old magazines & newspapers
  • Out-of-date media, like video tapes
  • Scratched movies
  • Toys your children have grown out of

Bathrooms & Bedrooms

  • Expired medication & vitamins
  • Old toiletries
  • Expired or broken makeup
  • Old perfume
  • Towels with holes or stains
  • Clothes that are stained, torn, or have holes
  • Broken jewelry
  • Old worn-out shoes
  • Old blankets & sheets


  • Any items from the categories above
  • Old or damaged holiday decorations
  • Outdated sports equipment
  • Broken items you never got around to fixing

To Donate Or To Trash?

Certain categories of items are prohibited from going in the trash and need to be recycled or otherwise properly disposed of. These items include appliances, many forms of electronics, hazardous waste, and some types of batteries. Contact ABH Services Inc. for more information about what items are not allowed in a dumpster and about our Recycling Services.

Is A Dumpster Right For Your Spring Cleaning Project?

If you don’t have much clutter or junk around your home, a dumpster might not be right for you. If, however, you’re like most people, you’ve accumulated a significant amount of items that you no longer want or use. A dumpster can help you rid your home of this unsightly and annoying clutter efficiently. Dumpsters are available in several sizes to accommodate both small cleanouts and whole house decluttering. You don’t want to waste time cleaning items that don’t belong in your home. Once you clear out the clutter and junk from your home, you’ll be able to easy go from room to room and perform your actual deep cleaning. Without excess clutter, it’s much easier to wipe down surfaces, dust corners, and scrub floors. Choose one or more dates, depending on the length you think the project will take you and schedule a dumpster rental so that you are committed to moving forward.

If you require a dumpster for your spring cleaning project or would like to discuss whether or not a dumpster rental would be right for you, contact ABH Services Inc. at 781-941-2422. For more spring cleaning tips, check out our Facebook at

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