How Much Do You Know About Demolition? Here Are The Steps To Know

How Much Do You Know About Demolition? Here Are The Steps To Know

Building demolitions occur both commercially and residentially because structures have a limited design life that spans somewhere close to or at a century old. After the lifespan ages out, the building is considered unsafe for occupancy. In many cases, owners tend to use demolition to remove unsafe structures so that new, modernized buildings can be built in their places.

What Does A Demolition Entail?

A demolition is simply the deconstruct, breakdown, or removal of a building using meticulous planning and attention to detail with the use of controlled measures that safely dismantle a structure. If a company uses explosions in the demolition, it is referred to as an implosion.

Types Of Surveying Used?

There is a specific technique used which begins with surveying, removal of any hazardous materials, and a safety preparation plan that includes structural parameters and ground measurements. There are two main types of surveying used including building and structural.

  • Building surveying checks the construction materials, the use of the building prior to and during demolition, and hazards like wastewater, materials, toxic, radioactive, or flammables. It is also important to check the sewer and drainage systems to check for possibilities of flooding or sewer pollution. If in a joint infrastructure, it will be critical to check buildings that are adjoined, dual stairwell constructs, or partition walls. It is also vital to survey the neighborhood to check for traffic conditions and issues that will affect them because of tremors or noise that they might experience during the demolish process.
  • Structural surveying takes into account the type of construction taking place as well as the structural integrity including underground chambers and basements. It is critical to survey the building technique and design concept including the building’s condition to make sure safety protocols are in place for older structures. If any issues are found, it is important to take precautions to ensure the demolish occurs safely and securely.

Surveying also locates any hazardous materials like asbestos and contaminants which allow for proper disposal. Trained personnel will remove any dangerous materials prior to demolition day.

How Does ABH Services, Inc. Prepare A Site For Demolish After A Survey?

After our survey, we devise a thorough demolition plan that includes the different methods our team will employ to remove the structure safely. The plan will include the timeframe, building location, parameters of surrounding structures, the structural material being demolished, specialized procedures, the sequence of events, and a demolition method that will be used by our staff. Other information includes public protection, walkways that need coverage, and use of scaffolding and protective equipment the team will use. It will also be necessary to document how the materials will be removed which may include debris removal or dumpster rentals.

Every staff member, from engineers to demolition workers and equipment operators, will be briefed about the method used as well as the dangers present. Staff will also get the go-ahead about flammables like fuel or wood that are stored nearby. There is also a high regard for safety since exposure to dust, chemicals, sanitation, or occupational disease are always possible.

There is always high regard to safety whether non-explosive or explosive demolitions occur. If you want to know more about our demolition techniques, give us a call at 781-941-2422 or contact us on Facebook where we can answer any questions about our processes.  

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