Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Floods in the United States are common occurrences. According to 2017 data from NOAA, the U.S. experienced eight storms, three tropical cyclones, and two floods that caused more than $13 billion in damage. It was also a record year for flooding. Just in the months of April and May, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri reported record flooding and rising water levels.

Additionally, insurance companies report an average payout of $5000 for flooding while homeowners tend to incur costs of up to $26,285. Having an affordable water damage restoration company on hand for floods or burst pipes helps restore a home’s structural integrity.

Flooding is always a possibility during a weather-related event whether it is from nearby water sources or burst pipes. While you might first think you need to mitigate the damage,  you should always call us and leave it to our professionals since an average of 82 people die in floods yearly.

For a burst pipe, you can react by turning off the water, but you should always be aware of electrical dangers that are often present. If you feel you are in danger, let our experts handle these duties for you since we have the right attire and heavy-duty equipment required for the job.

You may also want to secure upholstery, couch cushions, and wooden furniture before it absorbs the standing water. Our experts immediately deploy as time is the most critical factor to restoration. We have multiple specialists to overcome any water, fire, and weather damage.

ABH Services’ Water Damage Restoration Techniques

  • Water Extraction

We consider timeliness a crucial part of our business model. We bring all the necessary tools and equipment for immediate water extraction. Our specialists also monitor the drying process to ensure that your home receives full restoration services.

  • Restoration and Remediation

With water damage often comes mold and mildew which is why our company employs knowledgeable professionals that prevent it from spreading. If not treated properly, it will also damage your home’s air quality which will have dire consequences over time.

  • Board Up Service And Temporary Fence Installation

Once a disaster occurs, boarding the exterior ensures that you do not incur any damage be it from storms or man-made. Preventing accessibility to the roof, the garage, the doors, and the windows also add a sense of security. Fencing will further secure the property and enable the crew to control accessibility for construction crews and supply deliveries.

  • Tarping A Damaged Roof

The roof is generally the first thing to receive damage during high winds. A vital step to prevention is tarping your roof which will prevent any future flooding from occurring.  

  • Shoring

You will never have to worry about a structure caving as we use proper shoring techniques to support the beams while we remove and replace crucial support columns.

We always strive to do our best, but, do not take our word for it. We invite you to visit our site to read our customer feedback and referrals. You may also contact us for any questions you have.

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