Best Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle in Summer

Best Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle in Summer

Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning, but summer is also a great time to both clean and perform home maintenance work. Most of these jobs can be tackled during a chunk of spare time on your weekends. By performing these home maintenance tasks yearly, you can prevent costly repairs and keep your home in its best shape possible. At ABH Services Inc., we can assist you with your home maintenance by providing disposal solutions for any unwanted items or refuse that you need to get rid of. Our affordable and helpful services can make clearing out and reclaiming space in your home easy.

Deep Clean Your Windows

Nothing can bring the sunshine into your home like freshly cleaned windows. Even if you clean the interior glass of your windows weekly, your windows can still benefit from a deep cleaning inside and out at least a few times a year, including at the start of summer. Instead of a spray cleaner for this task, use a bucket of warm, soapy water and a sponge. Remove the screens and scrub those first, rinsing them off and allowing them to dry on your lawn or driveway. Then scrub the entire window, including the frame, and allow it to dry before replacing the screens. 

Clean Your Fans

Ceiling fans should be wiped down thoroughly with a microfiber or similar cloth. Clean the vent fans in your bathroom with a broom or cloth as well. Even freestanding fans can gather dust, so make sure to give them a good wiping down when you bring them out. If the blades are particularly dusty, which can happen over time, you can unscrew the back panel from the fan and vacuum or manually clean the dust off.

Give Your HVAC System A Tune-Up

Experts recommend having your HVAC system checked twice a year, once in late spring or early summer and once at the end of fall. A professional tune-up can identify any potential problems and keep things running smoothly. Dust all of your registers to allow for the free flow of air through them. Make sure to change or clean your furnace filter monthly as well.

Clear Out Your Storage Spaces

Summer is the perfect time to clear out the overflowing closets all over your home, as well as your attic, basement, shed, and garage. ABH Services Inc. offers several solutions for clearing out the unwanted items and junk from your home, including dumpster rental and junk removal services.

Perform A Remodel

Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom for a while? Summer is an ideal season for a home remodel. ABH Services Inc. can assist you in tearing down your existing space with our home demolition services. Our experienced technicians can remove your old flooring, cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures to make way for your dream kitchen or bathroom. If you’re tackling a remodeling job on your own, our company offers convenient dumpster rental services that make disposing of your construction debris easy.

It’s a good idea to take a tour of your home with an eye for any additional items you can add to your home maintenance to do list. By performing these simple maintenance tasks now, you can prevent larger problems from developing. Contact ABH Services Inc. today at 781-941-2422 to discuss the options we have to assist you with clearing out your clutter and discarded items during your summer home maintenance. Follow our Facebook for more home maintenance ideas to add to your list.

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