How Our Recycling Services Help the Environment

How Our Recycling Services Help the Environment

Did you know that Americans use two and a half million plastic bottles an hour? Did you know that most of the plastic we use ends up in landfills which takes decades to deteriorate? ABH Services, Inc. knows the value of recycling which is why we offer these services to the Greater Boston and North Shore areas. Here is how our recycling services help the environment.

  1. Recycling Decreases The Amount Of Waste In Landfills

Americans produce more waste than any other country. It is critical to look at recycling as a necessity that affects us as citizens. How can our recycling services help? The EPA says that 42% of waste in landfills is plastic, textiles, and rubber products.

The EPA’s Advancing Sustainable Materials Management found that Americans produce more than 258 million tons of solid waste annually. While 52% go to local landfills, people recycled 66 million tons and composted 23 million tons more. Companies produced energy with 33 million additional tons of waste as well.

  1. It Saves Our Resources

Did you know that the products we use come from non-renewable natural resources like minerals and fossil fuels that are non-renewable resources? Recycling renewable resources like plastic or metals helps us reduce the use of non-renewables significantly. Recycling directly helps reduce the use of barrels of oil, aluminum, metals, and steel.

  1. It Affects Global Warming

Recycling also affects climate change. The EPA found that 42% of greenhouse gas emissions within the United States was due to the production and disposal of waste in landfills. By recycling, companies like ABH Services, Inc helped reduce emissions by more than 181 million metric tons.

  1. It Affects The Amount Of Energy We Conserve

Energy usage is a constant issue in the United States. Companies require energy to mine natural resources. Imagine how much energy we conserve daily through our recycling efforts. It only takes 10% of energy to make products made from recycled glass. Aluminum recycling will save 94% of the energy it takes to produce new products. Products made from steel, iron, and lead can conserve energy by 70 and 80%.

  1. It Has A Positive Effect On The Environment

Pollution has a negative effect on the environment. Recycling is a critical component to eco-friendly lifestyles as it reduces the consumption and manufacturing of raw materials while also reducing the amount of incinerated waste in landfills.

Did you know that recycled steel would cut air emissions by 85%? It also reduces water pollution by 76%. Because of the inefficiencies of some waste management companies, the waste that ends up in landfills causes soil contamination, air pollution, and dirty water which leads to public health issues.

Companies who dispose of waste by incinerating it also produce additional pollutants that cause respiratory and GI conditions. Improperly disposed trash and debris also pollutes the rivers and drains which leads to flooding each year.

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