Demolition Service: New Kitchen Countertops

One of the most expensive rooms to remodel in your home is the kitchen.  This is partially due to the cost of materials that make up the room.  If you’re doing a full remodel, you’ll probably be shopping for new cabinets, new flooring, new appliances, and new countertops.  These items can get a bit costly, and let’s not forget about the labor involved and the cost of eating out while you work on the room.

One way to keep the cost down is to do as much of the work as you can yourself.  Grab a crowbar, work gloves, safety goggles and sledge hammer and rip out the old fixtures and cabinetry.  Haul out the material to a dumpster or contact your local Homes for Humanity group to see if they have a need for the components.  They may help you remove the items and save you the extra hassle.

You can also keep costs down by just using a couple cans of paint to refresh your cabinets.  Spend your money on a new countertop and use the paint to breathe new life into your walls and cupboards.  With a new countertop, you’ll only need to tear out the existing one and replace it with something more in style.

Currently both granite countertops and quartz countertops are popular.  You may get lucky at a local store where they are selling an unwanted or returned piece of granite saving you money as these are often offered at a discount.

When choosing your new countertop, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Granite gives your home a natural look as does quartz countertops, but pigmentation can be added to quartz in order to achieve the perfect color for your décor.
  • Quartz requires little to no maintenance while granite needs to be sealed from time to time.
  • Granite is produced using fewer amounts of carbon emissions.
  • Quartz is easier to keep free of germs and bacteria due to its non-porous nature.
  • Granite will give you a one-of-a-kind appearance as it comes directly out of the earth and no two patterns are alike. Conversely, quartz is manufactured therefore not as authentic.

Whichever route you choose is up to you.  If you need help getting rid of your old countertops, give us a call at ABH Services.  Our Demolition team consists of experts with the tools and know-how to safely remove your existing countertops.  Let us do the heavy lifting and dispose of your old property.  We’ll leave your kitchen clean and ready for your new kitchen surface.

Demolition service is available for any of your household needs.  Call to schedule your demolition project at 781-941-2422 or learn more about our company and services by visiting our Facebook page at

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