Want To Keep Your Neighborhood Clean This Holiday Season? Here Are 5 Great Tips

Want To Keep Your Neighborhood Clean This Holiday Season? Here Are 5 Great Tips

Do you know that American families create 25% more garbage during the winter holiday season which contributes to about a million tons weekly in your landfills? There are also 7 billion Christmas cards and $3 billion dollars of wrapping paper sold each year that end up in the garbage. According to studies by the National Restaurant Association, more than 17% of this trash ends up as litter in your neighborhood. So, how can you and your neighbors keep your neighborhood clean during the holidays? Here are five tips.

  1. Rent A Dumpster For The Holiday Season

On a normal day, each person in your family contributes 4.4 pounds of waste a day. Only 1.5 pounds of this trash will be recycled. So, how do you get rid of the 5.5 pounds each family member will add to your trash can? Renting a dumpster from ABH Services, Inc. will not only help you maintain your neighborhood trash overflow with a quick removal, but we will also recycle as much of the solid waste as possible to reduce the trash that ends up in local landfills. 

  1. Buy Gift Cards

Get ready for this staggering number! Americans buy $16 billion dollars of gifts that are discarded because they are not liked or wanted. From clothing to household or beauty products, receivers discard gifts that have a minimum value of $50.00 each. So, how can you reduce waste but still give gifts this year? Buy a gift card and let the receivers choose what they want or need. As four in ten people in 2017 want gift cards, it is a great way to avoid wasteful spending.

  1. Remove Yourself From Unsolicited Holiday Catalogs

Nearly 10 million catalogs are mailed out to consumers during the holidays. Do you like receiving them? If not, call the company and opt out of future mailings as it will reduce the amount of waste you will discard because the paper product no longer has any value. If you find that you are still receiving them, use them for gift wrap so you reduce your wrapping paper usage.

  1. Give Eatable Gifts In Reusable Containers

Families love to receive homemade gifts, fresh-baked bread, or garden-to-table jams. Why not opt for an eatable gift rather than a disposable one? You can also deliver it in a reusable tin, glass, or plastic container so that the gift has a lasting benefit to its receivers. It also is a personalized gift idea that sends a heartfelt message that the giver put time and energy into its preparation.

  1. Give Your Neighbors Service-Related Gifts

Families typically spend one percent of their annual budgets on maintenance and repairs. Instead of exchanging gifts, how about a neighborhood gift exchange for services. The ability to call a neighbor who is a plumber, an electrician, or a gardener will greatly reduce your yearly budget.

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