What To Do Before And After A Natural Disaster Or Severe Storm

What To Do Before And After A Natural Disaster Or Severe Storm

With 18 confirmed deaths and dozens still missing in Hurricane Michael’s aftermath, it leaves many to questions just what precautions to take for severe weather. It is also raising awareness of what to do before and after a natural disaster, severe storm, or fire occurs. While our staff at ABH Services, Inc.’s goal is to provide helpful information about emergency services so that you have a preparedness plan, we hope that Massachusetts residents are never in any situations where our emergency services are needed. From safety kits to clean-up, here is what you should know.

Have Items Should I Put In A Safety Preparedness Kit?

As many families in Florida are still waiting for rescue crews to arrive, it is a great example of why it is important to have a safety preparedness kit on hand since your family may need to survive for several days because of the potential dangers that may prevent rescue from reaching you quickly. Ensure that you have a plastic, airtight bag that fit in easy-to-transport containers.

Your Emergency Preparedness Kit Should Have The Following:

  • One Gallon of Water Per Day Per Person
  • Three Days of Non-Perishable Food Per Person (Get Can Opener If Needed)
  • Flashlight, Batteries, Candles, and Matches
  • Cell Phone with Solar Cell Phone Charger
  • Local Area Map
  • First Aid Kit
  • Battery Powered Radio
  • NOAA Weather Radio (Print NOAA Usage And MA Signal Guide For Kit)
  • Hand Sanitizer and Wipes
  • Tool to Disconnect Utilities
  • Dust Mask or N 95 Mask
  • Whistle to Let Rescue Know Where You Are
  • Identification / Documents/Pre-Paid Credit Card or Cash In A Water Proof Container
  • Water Purification Tablets
  • Fire Extinguisher

You should also think about your family’s circumstances to add items like warm blankets, extra sets of clothing, prescription medication, pain relievers, stomach aids, travel size kit for sanitation, personal hygiene care, infant formula, baby changing items, contact solution, respirator (elderly), pet food, writing supplies, kids games, books, and disposable eating supplies.

What Should I Do During A Storm?

Even a weak storm can cause severe damage to your home. If you have yet to receive an evacuation order, you should always monitor weather reports to be aware of warnings. Any storm can lead to tornadoes, storm surges, floods, or fires which may very well spur an immediate evacuation or high shelter storm warning. You should always obey any order which is why it is helpful to have an emergency preparedness kit ready to go in your house and car.

What Should I Do After A Storm?

Never return home until your local authorities give you the okay since standing water or other dangers like power lines or gas leaks may still be present. When you do finally get back to your home, you will need ABH Services not only to provide emergency services like board-up or fencing, but also disposal and cleanout, dumpster rental and removal, and demolition services.

Before entering your home, call at 781-941-2422 or contact us on Facebook where we will respond immediately to ensure that you safely get back in your home as quickly as possible.

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