What to Consider When Revamping Your Laundry Room


At ABH Services Inc., we’ve discussed laundry room design improvements before in this article, but what about if you’re looking to perform more extensive renovations? Maybe you want to make major changes to your laundry room to give it a fresh new look or allow it to be more functional in your daily life. Whatever the case, this article aims to assist you in making the best decisions when revamping your laundry room.

Improving Flooring

One of the most frequent upgrades for a laundry room or utility room space is to change the flooring. This is especially true if you currently have carpet installed. Carpet doesn’t hold up well in the moist environment of a laundry room, even if you’ve never had any issues with your washer leaking. The humidity produced by your washer and dryer can cause unpleasant odors and degradation of your carpet over time. A demolition company like ABH Services Inc. can perform a swift demolition of your existing carpet or worn out flooring to pave the way for a new tile or laminate flooring installation.

Improving Performance

Improving the functioning of your laundry room is one of the most important goals when remodeling your laundry room. Do you only run a few loads of laundry a week or do you spend a significant amount of time each day washing, drying, sorting, and folding laundry? The amount of laundry that your personal situation requires can help determine the changes you should make. If you have to do a lot of laundry every week or even every day, you may want to consider installing a folding table or counters to fold and sort your laundry on. Another popular idea is a shelving system containing individual laundry baskets that allow you to either sort dirty laundry or sort the loads when they are clean for different individuals in your household. Plan out the system you want to employ to get your laundry done in the most efficient way possible, and determine what renovations would support that system.

You may also consider upgrading your washer and dryer to new, high-efficiency models which may require more room than your current models. This would require some renovation to the walls in your laundry room, including expanding the existing space by removing the drywall and renovating the area.

Improving Storage

One common addition is installing one or more shelves in the space above your washer and dryer. This would allow you to store your laundry supplies within easy reach while preventing clutter on top of your appliances. High shelving also keeps these potentially hazardous chemicals away from pets and children who share your living space.

Storage is especially important if, like many homeowners, you use your laundry room as your utility room as well to store cleaning tools and supplies. If you have sufficient room, installing a closet might be an excellent option for tools such as your vacuum, broom, and mop that can become an eyesore. A closet allows these items to be stored until the next time you need them in an out-of-the-way manner. Depending on the properties of your existing room, this might require demolition of part of the wall and the additional building of the structure of the closet and any shelving that you want to be included.

If you’re looking to change things up in your laundry room, whether it’s replacing the current flooring in your laundry room or making major renovations that require demolition of part or all of the existing structure, contact ABH Services Inc. at 781-941-2422. Our company has over two decades of experience with many types of demolition projects and can help you determine the services that are right for you. On our Facebook page, we are always providing more helpful tips on demolishing and renovating parts of your home to make it fit your vision.

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