Disposal and Cleanout: Attack Your Attic in August!

With the extreme heat of the summer fading away, August is a great time to get organized!  Vacations are coming to an end and school is about to start.  The nights are cooler, yet you still have the longer hours of daylight to work.  This is a perfect time to clean out your attic. 

If you keep pushing this project off, consider giving us a call at ABH Services.  We have the experience and manpower to help you with any of your disposal and cleanout needs.  Attics tend to accumulate so much junk over the years that it might be hard to know where to start.  With our experts, you’ll have the job completed in no time.

Besides finally having a clean and organized space, some of the other benefits to clearing out your attic now rather than later include:

  1. Catching roof problems before they cause damage. More than likely, you rarely go into your attic.  However, after the spring and summer storms have passed, this is a great time to make sure hail or storm damage didn’t affect your roof.  Look for water stains and leaks in your attic and address issues as they arise.  Early detection ensures your belongings and property won’t be damaged from snow and ice melt.
  1. Get ready for one last garage sale of the season. Nothing is worse than taking the time to weed out items for a garage sale than to be stuck with the junk until next summer.  While an attic cleanout may seem like a great winter project, it may be too cold to work efficiently.  With our temperatures starting to cool down as we head into fall, work now to have all of the junk out of your house at once.
  1. Checking for insulation issues. Before winter comes with its cold temperatures, check to make sure you have adequate insulation.  Call your local energy company to see if they offer home energy efficiency checks.  They are trained to spot problems that may cause your energy bills to increase.  Inadequate insulation can be mitigated early so that your home’s warm air does not escape this winter.  A clean, organized attic will ensure the entire space is accessible to evaluate.

Our Disposal and Cleanout solutions at ABH Services will help you get a handle on your project so you can, at last, cross it off your to-do list.  We will load up and haul away your junk so you can enjoy your last remaining days of summer.  Have one last bonfire or barbeque; one last garage sale; or one last pool party knowing your home is junk-free, clean, and organized.

Call ABH Services’ Disposal and Cleanout team to schedule your appointment today.  Reach us at 781-941-2422 or visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/abhservices

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