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How to Handle an Estate Cleanout

Estate cleanouts carry with them a wide range of emotions.  The job can seem overwhelming.  The emotional toll of losing a loved one makes cleaning out the house difficult.  And, the questions that come up [...]

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Cabinet Demolition: Professional or DIY?

Unless you are living in a newly renovated home or a brand new home, chances are you’ve dreamed of taking a sledgehammer to at least one room in your house; these days, the ‘Internet of [...]

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Recycle Services: How To Recycle A Refrigerator?

In the Greater Boston and North Shore area, Recycle Services are just a call away.  A common household item that generates calls, centers on the question: ‘How do I recycle my refrigerator?’  No matter where [...]

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The Dangers of Floodwaters

The floods in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico have been devastating and hurricane season is still going strong.  Cleanup in these areas will take months, if not years, before everyone affected by the storms is [...]

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